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ok you guyz, here iz the story of my very 1st mushroom trip............

im chillin at my gurlyz dorm, getting all ready to go to a rave with my friends zach, pablo, and steve. all of a sudden 5 minutes before they were suppose to pick me up, zach callz and says we arent going to the rave, and i said well than what the fuck r we gonna do? and he says d00d, we have a zip of boomerz, im sure we will find somthing to do. so 20 minutez later they pick me up and we all go to pabloz place. it was my first time so i asked alotta qwestions, better safe than sorry ya know? we all sit down and eat an eigth a peice with mcdonalds barbacue sauce. pablo didnt shroom that night cause he was our ride. about 30 mins later i got that awesome feeling in my stomach and started to see mild waves and flowing on his walls. we were just chillin playing ps2 and talking laughing, u know the deal hehe. when steve says hey! lets go outside! and i said ok, so pablo stayed there and me and zach and steve go outside and just start walking down the road, we end up at a stewerts gas station, not realizing how hard we r tripping until we get inside the store, everything is morphing and i could hardly buy cigz cause i couldnt talk lol. so we get cigz and shit and leave right when a state trooper pulls in, that scared the shit outta us but it was nothing. so we start heading back to pablos, and on the way there we sit in a parking lot and smoke cigs, when all of a sudden we see this tree, and it looks like every single branch on it is giving us the finger, so what did we do? u guessed it! flipped the fucking weeping willow right back off! hehe for like half an hour! all of a sudden a car pulls in and its pablo all bored, he pix us up and we drive to a party at this place i had never been to. i was nearvous, we go inside and i see people i know but didnt realize it, we walk into the kitchen and i was losing it, i felt like i was on the urge of passing out, and when i looked at the floor of the kitchen, the tiles were alll fucked up and messing with me, i couldnt handle beeing around all the people so i walk down the 3 floors of stairs and go out the back door and sit trying to tell myself i will be ok, when i can look up in the window of the party and see maaad strobe and lazer lights and pumping techno, i whip out my headphones, and put on the track expander by dj sasha! amazing track! u must listen to it when u trip! its a rule! hehe everything is getting good, and im outside alone, we r there for only like 20 minutes but we had to leave cause zach and pablo didnt like all the people around, just like me, so we leave, get in pablos car, remember he is sober, maybe a lil stoned hehe and we start backing outta the drivway slow and he hits a telephone pole on the passanger side door and rippz his mirror off and a big dent in the door, we take off and head back to his place, on the way (i dont like rap) but the dmx song came on the radio who we be, and they cranked it and it sounded amazing! so we r in the car all bugging out and i am making people laugh and i am loving it! we r all grooving to the tunes when outta nowhere a fucking car comes flying up behind us and i saw the headlights and it looked like a cop, so i got wicked paranoid, we just keep goin and it ended up just beeing a car that looked like a cop, so we go back to pablos and he puts on dj dan really loud on his system in his room and some chick comes over and sellz me a phattt bag of dank nuggzz with orange hairs and crystalz for 50 bux so we all toke like motherphuckerz and play video games, by the way as soon as we left the party, i felt good, no more passing out feeling hehe we all end up going to the diner somehow and we sit down and r trippin face, here is where this story gets crazy, we are all sitting at a booth and i can hear every single persons conversations all at once and make it out in my head, i was buggin, and everything was red! steve gets up and goes to the bathroom and comes out 5 seconds later like he seen a ghost, he says dont ever go in there!!! he said that its all mirrors i was like fuck that i not goin in there, and at that moment when it feels like i am in hell, zach lights my sweater really qwick and it goes up in lil flames!! i bugg out and run out to the car and put techno on. i am shaking really bad and nervous about nothing. zach comes out and says sorry bro, and i said its all g00d, juast felt like hell in there. so we all get into the car again and drive to the back entrance of the airport where u can sit right under where all the jetz land and this is in albany!!! so we r sitting on the ground tokin up and all of a sudden it startes getting foggy out and we r laying there looking up for jets cause when theyu land its like 50 feet above you! and all of a sudden cause it was foggy they turn the flashing blue lighhts on down the runway! and we bug it looks beautifull!!!zach says look at the guy on the bike going down the runway and there really was!!! it was insane hehe we sit there for 3 hours and watch at least 15 jetz land right above us! and we alll head back to pablooos, everyone passes out except me and steve and we stay up smoking joints and playing video games till daylight, and that is my 1st trippppp i hope u enjoyed!!! cause i definately did, and by the way this site rox!!

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