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ziggy marleys trip

i recently encountered some of the nicest and strongest mushrooms i have ever eaten.

i recently encountered some of the nicest and strongest mushrooms i have ever eaten. on a cloudy saturday afternoon my friend and i attended a ziggy marley and OAR concet. we arrived at the concert early, smoked a spliff, and then ate about 2 grams of great looking mushrooms, light grey with blue spots, i ate a nasty looking thing, tall and full,with a huge cap, that was so thick... i drank some rum, and we walked to the concert... things were very mellow for awhile while the bands were setting up, and then, things started happening. The grass and the stage were sticking out, and thre trees fadding. the grass was like a giant ocean, and there were waves in it, and explosions and other odd looking things.. i was scared to move off my blanket, which looked like it was floating atop this ocean. i sat in shock.. i needed to smoke so while i could still move i rolled a spliff, and we smoked it, then my whole body melted... i was sitting indian style and laid back, ziggy marley had started playing, and it had been about and hour and a half after i had eaten the mushrooms, i laid back, and could only feel my eyes, and my brain... i looked at the clouds and they were like a giant kalidescope.. all i couild see was this huge kalidescope, and then somehing oopened up, like a gate, and a man with dreadlocks came out... it was intense.. then i laid and listened to the music for 4 hours and didn't move, only asking my firend if i was still there, and telling him that something was extremly wrong. i was tripping so hard for hours i cannot even explain it.. it was crazy, i have not been right since then and it was 2 days ago

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