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First Trip and Alone

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Ok, Now i'm not one for these level things, so bear with me. The first time i tried Shrooms was about two years ago. My friends were into it, and talked me into it. My friend gave me three of his homegrown favs, 3 caps and 3 stalks just to be all specific and such. I live with my parents, who when it comes to stuff like this are like Nazis, so i had to play it very safe. So around 11:00 that night, i downed the shrooms. I'm not gonna lie to ya. I about puked the things up. I remember thinking that These better be worth this crap. and i think it was. A little while later i started feeling a little funny. Now i have hit the Funny Herb before, so i knew about this feeling. It was great. A little while longer and my room became my whole world. Nothing else existed. I stared at the celing fan for what seemed like days. It was the most intresting thing in the world. I got onto the computer (although i'm not sure how) and my friend who gave me the shrooms was on. I had since forgotten how to use the spacebar, and typing felt very funny. Somehow he managed to understand what i was saying. I remember looking out of my window and seeing the trees slowly moving back and forth in the wind, but by that time everything had taken on a little more of a breathing look to it. Yes, that tree looked like a sea anemony. I was mesmerized by the way it moved. And I swear to this day that i saw it eat a bird.
After a little bit i went downstairs, (ya know, i still have no idea how i made it down those stairs) and watched cartoons before i fell asleep. I awoke the next morning feeling so good. I loved it.

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