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It was a receding Friday night, the night of my high school prom.

It was a receding Friday night, the night of my high school prom. I had been driving a buddy of mine, who sells some kinda gold caps, to several people's houses so he could make some money.
Well, night dragged on. Nothing was happening. Twelve or so. So we went to his house, and three others were waiting there for him. Everyone had decided to trip together that night, and me, having nothing to do, went along. I ate a 6 gram eigth, 3 grams and the other 3 45 minutes later.
It started out good. Lights, T.V.s and playstations were all running in his living room. Then I got that first buzz. Beautiful. Then complete euphoria. No thoughts whatsoever. Chilled.
Boom. I'm rolling at something I still remember foggily. Funny shit started happening everywhere, though no one laughed aside from me. They, waiting for their buzz to kick I suppose, talked blah blah blah, but it was all funny. Several times I had to leave the room, for whatever reason, to look at myself in the mirror in the bathroom, chortle a little while, go back into the living room, repeat. The last time I came out of the bathroom, the brightly lit living room had dimmed down to a hazel sort of yellow. Everyone was talking, tripping balls I'm sure, but their voices stretched, distorted, verified life and meaning. Everything that was said brought me a little closer to complete and utter understanding.
Then something hit me. We are. I don't understand the meaning now as clearly as I did, but for an hour or two my only thoughts were those of overwhelming joy. I knew my reason, the reasoning to life and all things involved. I repeated and restated we are, never able to explain the full extent of my discovery.. so I just said we are.
Then a village popped up. I was laying on the floor at that time, and I saw vividly little mushroom people meandering, doing their chores, whatever, in a village made of mushroom houses, streets paved in mushrooms, which wiggled and tickled every part of my body. Blinked. Gone.
From there I went outside, walked around in circles, quick tight circles, for eternity. Talked all sorts of jive that was hilarious. Everyone's spirits were up because I couldn't stop talking.
Laying on the ground. Stars bright, the moon couldn't have been more than an armslength away. I touched it, poked my finger through the center of it. It became a powdery white donut. I stood up to eat it and it was gone.
My shroom-selling friend started playing his guitars after we had watched about 100 music videos on his computer. The music he played glorified everything. It painted such a mellow mood that I never would have felt otherwise. The room changed a bit. A dark, deep crimson red, not the entire room, but streams that looked like ribbon floated all around, everywhere I looked. I cuddled up in a blanket after an entense cold. It was summer, but I was convinced it had to be the bitterest winter outside.
My girlfriend showed up, and her sister and two girls I don't remember. They had been taking E throughout the night, so they were right where they needed to be. The ladies and I laid stomach flat on the soft, carpeted floor with our heads in a close circle. A half hour of talking about the soft, carpeted floor. It waved and waved under me, and I could feel it as it did. The bright and shining face of the Mona Lisa began to rise and fall with the floor, and then the floor seperated into two platforms, pinning me in the middle. Where I was between the two layers of the floor, I could see little bugs and whatnot scraping around to make a living, whistling as they worked.
The last visual I had was that of a strain of DNA, as seen in Jurassic Park or something, but it was all made of black, orange, red, brow amporphous goo, that stretched into the ceiling and beyond. A column or somethin'.
There were hours and hours of fun after and in between that I cannot remember at all. I have taken shrooms quite a few times, but this was easily the best trip I could have imagined or hoped for.

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