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Ying Yang

Yesterday was Saturday the 21st of October.

Yesterday was Saturday the 21st of October. A strange but
wonderful day as it included shrooms in my diet. I hadn't intended shrooming and I was working intently on a project
of mine that morning. At about 1p.m a mate of mine calls and
announces,"we're trippin' hard today, as it's a really
beautiful day outside"! So, being easily swayed I agreed and
the stage was set.
At 3p.m Sam arrives with a car full of toys and goodies,
the latter of which I don't agree with because they put
restrictions on your trip. Anyway, that's me, I just like to have adventures when I trip, none of that toy shit!
Anyway,we threw about 200 psilocybe semilanceata(Liberty Caps) into the percolator and brewed some nice coffshroom juice.
We sat around smokin' for a half hour until the juice was gone. Then I threw in another 100 and brewed it up again
(sorry I don't have weight, I just pick and eat). Drinking
half the jug we put the rest in our flask, the effects were kickin' in and it was a "beautiful day outside". Out to
the car we went like two excited children and drove to our destination only a few miles away. Puffin' away on spliffs,
happy as Larry,totally comfortable with each other as usual
and the best fresh air,scenery and vast space.
The vast space where we were is 100's of acres of pasture
land or common ground where the film "Braveheart" was filmed. Anyway, take it from me, it's awe inspiring and the view is great.
Everything shone bright and pulsated, it was all so defined.
The small amounts of clouds in the sky became excited and
the far off mountains rolled and jumped.
Sam pulled his bongo from the car as we wanted to do something a bit constructive before we went to LuLu land.
This place is great because you can freakout away from any
suspecting fucks. Sitting down we jammed, let the beat fill our souls and felt at one with everything. Bongo's always
get the body pumpin' and it wasn't long before I was spinnin' around with my head back and taking in the distorted motion picture. I felt in control of it all and
my perseption of the day was was one of intrigue.
Tiring of the drums, Sam got a frisby from the car as he
needed to play. He threw it long and hard and I ran, jumped and caught it in the air. For a while I felt as if I was
Sams dog and we were playing fetch. I was quite the proud dog too, as I caught each one with ease. It was as if I willed it to me, controlling its' movement through the air.
No effort, no strain it was as if my mind lept in the air not my body. Attached yet unattached, you know!
After a while the frisby was disgarded and forgotten, we began strolling towards the unknown. We swaggered from side to side our heads rolling simultaneously, taking in the changing shapes and landscape. Up hills,through bushy colour spats we just tumbled along combining walking, swaying, wobbles, running, rolling..etcetc. I'd say we were
a messy old sight, that may as well have had straight jackets on!
Working our way about this surreal masterpiece in the heat
had brought on quite a thirst and Sam waffled something about OJ. Something or other triggered the memory of coffshroom juice and the flask but then we became distraught at the fact it was in Sams car and we knew that
was a bit of a treasure hunt! Odds against us we persevered
until a bright purple blob interupted continuous shades of green. Clambering about the place I gained entry and salvaged the flask, while Sam sighed in a euphoric fashion.
Pouring a cup for Sam in the lid I guzzled the remainder gleefully and it spilled on my face and top. It was nice, warm and refreshing giving us a knew lease of life.
In the distance there was a mass of trees which we were drawn to and we climbed a steep hill to where they stood and felt proud of ourselves. We sat as a reward and each
saw our own worlds. The clouds took the shapes of different
people I knew, my thoughts were portrayed in clouds , you
Looking at the ocean of blue and then vast green was
amazing, all the different shades just swirling around
contently. The blue and green melted together on the horizon
and then nothing held fixed position, it all related together just as well .....blobblob...you know.


After laying down answering questions and questioning answers for a while the feeling was right for adventure.
We tripped and swayed into the dancing forest, twirling with
the trees and general interaction. With my head tipped back
I could see huge green arms waving and sheltering me from the sun. I held their arms and jumped with them feeling
energetic/pure energy and breathing faded from being not so
difficult to none existance. Sam and I popped from one place to another as if appearing and disappearing, it was
quite amusing and we milked the buzz for all its' worth.
Then we came to some old ruin and I jumped around and climbed on top , needing a spliff after all the excitment
I sat down and fished an old butt from my sock.
It was at this time I noticed that Sam was somewhat subdued
for no apparent reason. Something just triggered him off and
he lay in a heap. I offered the butt which was refused and
he was a bit incoherant. He doesn't usually freak out so I
thought it would pass but shit was I wrong. Sam who is so
calm and collected and can handle anything is no more!
He proclaimed that he was having a "bad trip" with big puppy dog eyes and "I want to get off it right now, I've seen enough". Now for fucks sake you and I know that the
stuff runs its' course, you sit back relax and enjoy the ride. Sam should know this aswell and focus on the good in himself when trippin' so all is well if you know what I mean. So, the crazy guy desides that he needs loads of water to flush everything out. The mission begins and there's no stopping stubborn Sam when he gets an idea(like
another time trippin' when he went into McDonalds and ordered shit loads of food because he was "starvin'" but forgot that things are'nt free. Anyway, he pleeded with them for food to no avail and he was a real mental case).
We made it back to the car but we were both still lost
in LuLu land. I told Sam to wait as he couldn't drive in that state and told him some of our mates would be out at some time and to hold on. Panic stricken Sam says "I think I'm going mad" and tells me we have to go so I sit in. After
about five feet he freaks out and says he can't see anything but colour and can't find a way out. He tries every
way and I can't see shit either, so I'm no help. I was enjoying my trip and I like getting fucked but I didn't want to drive and Sam insisted. I stalled a couple of times
and then had to get out and walk in front of the car before
I drove because I couldn't judge a thing.
Eventually we made the road which I should not have gone near but Sam was freaking and I thought if I get him some water he'll think he's o.k. At the end of the road I
stopped, stalled and nearly crashed into a few cars. I was
a bag of nerves but I was pushed on. It was a nightmare
journey driving his car when I knew I wasn't in control and
I thought I might kill someone. We went the craziest places I did'nt know, went into peoples driveways thinking they
were roads and we stalled a bit. Sams' car is manual with
reverse on the top left when you push down so there was bound to be difficulties. There was far to much on my poor
shroomed mind, I was as the Chemical Brothers would say
"Out of Control". We ended up in a nearby town for some reason, when I know we could have gotten it closer. The
prospect of dealing with "society" was not at all appealing.
I entered an estate as I did'nt want to risk driving in
busy traffic, we could walk but Sam was'nt looking good. He
really looked as if he thought he was dying for fucks sake
and was waffling. As I approached a kerb I nearly killed
some kids playing on the street and it was a real bad buzz.
We left the car and went down a lane to where I thought no
one would notice us, I felt like a joyrider leaving the abandoned car. As we walked we remembered we had drugs in
the car and my behaviour was very erratic while driving, we
hoped that no one would report us. I had visions of explaining myself to the police on arriving back and Sam looked like he might cry. We ended up in a church and loads of people were coming in. The bells rang loudly and the sound vibrated through my bones. I began noticing odd glances and stares as I was dirty and distracted looking and Sam looked rightly lost. We got away and made it to a
nearby store and I went in because Sam was frightened. I got
2lts of water and some OJ and Sam got straight to drinking.
We got back to the car and stalled a few times before we got on our way...aahhh..."I forgot to get skins"!
Driving back the way we came I went somewhere else and got lost, my sense of direction was gone. Down some strange little twisting road I went until we were surrounded by people and the car stalled. I struggled with reverse and I
was about to freak out but I managed to get us away in time.
Then I got lost again and Sam wanted to know where we were
s oI told him I knew and it would be o.k. The car felt as
if it was still and everything was flying around it and I
was thinking about how I could see fuck all and thought I
would definitely crash. It was like being on a big curly
snake that was jumping and wriggling about to propel us along, a real rollercoaster.
After nearly crashing again I made it to a gas station
and parked the car. We decided to call our mates and have them collect us so I went in the store to find a phone( I had left mine at home which was'nt to smart). Inside I found
a little fun lady and asked about the phone which she pointed out, of course the fuckin' thing was broken!
Then I remembered the skins and thought a spliff would do
Sam and I the world of good. In the mean time little funny
lady was talking at me but none of it sank in and I asked for some Rizla. She says,"sorry we're just out and shows me two empty boxes", but I was persistant,pleeded for skins
and had her tearing the place apart for me with no luck.
It just was'nt my day.
On hearing the news Sam got bitterly disappointed and suggested looking in a nearby restaurant for a phone. I found one and tried to remember numbers and made some wrong
calls until I got a mate of mine.I thought that everyone in the place was whispering about me.
A little bit later four of our mates fly up becide us
beeping like mad with the windows down and yelling. I started getting all tripped out again with excitment until
Gary turned up and I bailed in with him and so did Sam.
Gary had a nice spliff going and it went down a treat along
with some Pink Floyd and the fact that someone that I trusted was driving. He drove us about for a while and kept
flying about in circles all over the place. It was a good ride and then he dropped us at my place after a weird adventure in the video store.
We sat about watching visuals and listening to music for the next few hours and smoked some bongs while unwinding.
Sam was cool but I think it was because he had been clean for a few months and not used to such an intake. I dropped
him to his car later.
Anyway, thanks for reading because I think I went on a bit and here's to mushrooms in your diet!!


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