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Yellow Amanitas From Eastern Washington

This took place about 8 years ago.

This took place about 8 years ago.

I was visiting with my brothers friend and we were chatting about shrooms and what nots. He was older and more experienced and I figured he would have some good knowledge on how to find Amanitas. Well that he did in fact. He said that when he was in colledge he and a few of his friends successfully grew Amanitas in a controled environment as a science project, and that they had dumped cup fulls of spores in a mile stretch of trees in a cow pasture south of Spokane. I asked if they were successfull in growing there and he said very much so and that there had become a 50 lb patch! But that was ten years before our conversation. so he didnt know if they were still there or not.

So he gave me directions. My freinds and I got chased out by the bulls a few times before we actually found those beauties but they were surely there.

We picked about 3 lbs and went back to dry them in the oven. We dried them and expiremented to no avail. Again and again. I was frustrated but based on the fact that all the elements lined up previous namely the story, the directions, the mushrooms ext, I was bound and believed. I went back and got some more from the field.

We dried them again and my friend and I partook. I ate one medium mushroom and he ate half a cap. After that we went onto my roof to walk around and have a smoke which was a usual ritual.

I started to feel funny unlike i had ever felt before. Kind of a cross between a drunk buz and shrooming, cant explain it but my friend felt nothing.

The feeling became stronger and stronger and I asured my freind over and over that they were the real deal and I finally proved it! Well I called my other friend to come over because I needed someone to hang with. My first friend was going home frustrated and unefected for some mysterious reason.

So my other friend showes up. I'm very high! Nerves are startng to tremble and I feel strong. I notice that It is halfway controlable and so I walk out to talk to my Mom. She looks at me and askes If i would go get some milk at the corner store and I agreed.

So we get there and I go to grab the milk but my nerves are twitching so bad that my hands were throwing themselves open while trying to hold the gallon. It would drop and Id pick it up and squeeze my fist as tight as I could but then It would throw itself open by itself and I would drop the gallon. I could only cradle it.

I get to the Moheeb who ran the gas station and Not on purpose I toss the money my Mom gave me on the counter top. He grabs it and throws it back at me to my surprise and starts scalding me about how I'm disrespectful. I said fine i am sorry sir I did not mean to do that, Here... And I tried to hand him the money but he just looked at me. And so being very high I said sir Here.. I didnt mean to throw the money. So he took it and we left. Fucking wierd! I think my eyes must have been twitching and I probably had a tweeked crazy look in my eye to cause his reaction.

So we get home and go to my room because I am unable by this point to function. I had a couch and chair in there so it was easy to chill. By this time I can not focus my eyes and my nerves and hands are still twitching. All of a sudden my friend holds out his hand and sais wow there was a bud on your floor. I had to pull his hand about 3 inches from my eyes to see that it was just a big clump of some kind of fuz.

He was laughing and all of a sudden I had the briliant Idea to hook up my stereo "the right way" ??? dont know what I was thinking. So I start pulling all the speaker wires around and cutting and croping them and splicing them together. Still having to hold my project within 3 inches of my face to see what I was doing.

I Saw my freind reach over and put a tape in the tape deck and push play. The weels began to turn on the tape and I got excited. Back to hooking up speakers. So a couple minutes later I look at my friend and say "what did you put in???" and he said "what?" and I said "what tape?" and he said "are you ok?" and I said "I saw you put a tape in there man!" and he said "no, I havent even touched your stereo bro! are you sure youre allright?" I looked at the tape deck and sure Enough there was no tape in there. That scared me..

At this point i had finished My ingenious stereo hook up and realized that I was'nt doing good. I was climbing higher and higher and function was becoming more and more imposible. My vision was now completely blurry and I was shaking like mad.

I am no wuss when it comes to that realm but this had pushed me to my limit. I told my friend that If i climbed any higher that he would need to take me to the hospital. I laid back on my bed, took at deep breath and finally felt my first wind of level high and i knew I was going to be allright.

The next day My stereo wouldnt work and apon checking my wiring job I noticed that I had just wired all my speakers together and unhooked them completely from my stereo. Pretty wierd.

**Amanita Ms are Dangerous!. Now I realize how lucky we were to have dried them in the oven!. They would have been deadly toxic if we hadnt have done that. I was unexperienced but somehow I was protected by fate and impatience. Wierd eh? I am left to wonder as to why the one I ate blew my mind and all the others eaten previously were "dead". My theory would be that one would need to grind the whole oven dried harvest into an even mixture to safely even out potency. then controlled expirementation could hopefully be safe.

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