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Well what can I say.

Well what can I say...out of all the drugs Iv tried, Shoom tops them all. I went fising with my 2 brothers and my Uncle. My 2 brothers dont do drugs at all. My uncle and I do
all kinds of shit 2gether. When my 2 brothers saw me and my
uncle on shrooms. They wanted to try it. That was my first time on shrooms, so I didnt know what was going to happen.
I just laughed and laughed. The next day I bought some shrooms for me and my brothers to try together. I knew they wouldnt do it again so I gave them alot their first time. It was only my second time doing it to. We all ate about 2 hand fulls each and went home. we live next to each
other. About 20 mins later It hit me hard I came out side to smoke and sure enough they was outside laughing to death.
they said to me "yo dude...We need toget out of here". We had some relatives over staying the night. we were trippen so hard none of use could drive. My sister inlaw drove us to the movies...we went to go watch X-man. Through out the movie I was taking to my self laughing standing up and down doing kungfu moves with the movie I just couldnt stop trippen so hard. I do alot of X, to me it was like the high peek hit that X gives me but its better and keeps going.
Its like it hits me so hard that I fall off...and keep falling. Wolverine was talking to me the whole time, he came out of the movie and was talking about popcorn. At one point I remember he was talking to me and I was so into the movie trippen I turned to him and said shhhhhhh...when I think about I still crack up today. Since that day it seems like the effect of shrooms still lives in me and my brothers
once in a little while it seems to come back. I love shrooming. Beats doing X. only thing is...its very hard to get a hold of.

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