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wow, amazing trip

today was absolutely mad.

today was absolutely mad. I only did shrooms 2 other times before and they were both level 3 trips. This time I had 2.5 grams. I chewed half the bag for 10 minutes, then i chewed the other half of the bag for 10 minutes. This was when i started to feel the shrooms. It was just a little bit but it was getting higher as the time went. Anyway after about 20 minutes I went and smoked probably half a gram of weed. After I finished the joint i suddenly realised that I was recked, and it was still getting better. All I can remember about the next 10 minutes was that I was hearing things talking to me in my head and i started laughing a lot. I kept hearing a butler type person and he kept saying funny shit to me. Anyway it was time to lay down and watch some TV. I started having all these amazing feelings in my head, where there was an extreme brain buzz and it felt so good. I then started to break out of reality. Even though my eyes were open my brain saw things in terms of what my brain saw not of what my eyes saw. There were all these morphing shapes in my brain and i could kind of control what they were gonna be. At one point i wanted some purple in my hallosanation so i thought purple and all these nice purple shapes and colors started to appear. Anyway the next 2 hours I was totally out of it and was just seeing things and enjoying it. It was funny, when the peak of the trip stopped it was like a ride. My brain was like "alright buddy, your time is up, rides over." that was pretty funny. Anyway i was still pretty high for the next hour. It took me an hour to roll another spliff and smoke it. But when I did the shroom feeling came back a bit and i closed my eyes and started having some nice closed eye visuals. About 2 hours after that i started coming down. Today was the most intense drug trips ive ever had. I totally lost touch with reality. it was great!

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