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worst trip ive ever had

Well this was prolly like 2 years ago.

Well this was prolly like 2 years ago. Ive done shrooms like 6 times. I got an 1/8 of shrooms. Then I had to go to my NA group meeting. on our break i ate the whole 1/8. With only 30 mins left i thought it would be safe. Right when it got over it started with the grin and urge to laugh. My mom picked me up and it was so hard not to laugh in front of her. Finally got home and went into my bedroom and turned on comedy central. After watching tv for 15 mins or so i was lookin around my room and started seeing all the south park characters going around in circles. It was great. then i started feeling i wanted to throw-up. So for sum reason i went out my window to the side of the house and threw-up. that started the paranoia. i struggled getting back into my window. laid down on my bed and our stupid new cat got inside my room. i turned the light off and having really scary thoughts and was freakin out while that cat pissed me off. I went into the living room to lay down... The walls started getting wavy and blury and i didnt know reality at all. I wanted to go to the hospital cuz i didnt know WTF was goin on and if reality would come back at all. finally after a few hours of sweating on the couch freakn out i came back to reality and it felt great. i always feel refreshed and smarter after doing them.

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