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World's End S.P.

The trip I am about to describe happened a few years ago, so my recollection may not be perfect.

The trip I am about to describe happened a few years ago, so my recollection may not be perfect...but I will try my best not to exaggerate to much, O.K.?
Early summer, it was, and the trees were moist in green bloom; the flowers spread a colored blanket across the meadows of Pennsylvania. Yes, PA has meadows! They aren't exactly alpine beauties, but they are the home to many happy cows and horses; otherwise known as fields, but I ramble, so:
I was a high-school student, free from so much responsibility, even if I felt otherwise. But I had a Volkswagen, and I had a good bit of money to waste, so I indulged often in the natural drugs. Le Drugges au Naturel... gnarly mushrooms, ONE-HALF OUNCE...golden nuggets, ONE-EIGHTH OUNCE...bricked rolling bud, ONE OUNCE...
Ahhh, as the Colonel from the A-Team would say, "I love it when a plan comes together..." Oh yes, yes sir...And so my best bud Adriane (Ade for short) took me too her Aunt's neck of the woods. Her Aunt is eccentric. Did they have a pet pig, or did I just imagine that?! And the largest zucchini ever grown!! I swear I saw that with my own eyes...
What I DIDN'T see with my own eyes, was a very large black bear, in the middle of a Meadow... I say I didn't see it because it was actually a rusted piece of farm equipment. But it sure threw us for a loop!! Well, on Saturday morning, bright and shiny, a cool 75 degrees, we busted our way through the woods to World's End State Park!!! It lies in a rolly poly valley, criscrossed by waterfalls and turkey vultures... exotic for Pennsylvania, I assure you.
And away we go! Just had to find a campsite, and prepare ourselves... Beautiful pre-trip jitters, I remember... I think it helps to eat something wholesome and filling before a trip, to give you the energy to go on. I think we ate Twizzlers for breakfast...oh well.
Jimi Hendrix was warping our minds from the camoflauge receptacle of my radio. He knew what we were embarking upon, and he liked it... So, we found a nice river, for we had in mind a walk on water, or at least access to the many wonders that only water can create. Like tadpoles, but I will get to that -- later.
Out comes the bag, a nice bag, full of caps to make us happy. I don't know exactly the amount that I ate (I'm not the kind of person who weighs before he eats; I prefer to take out all the mushrooms, look them over, get to know them like they are my new friends, and then choose the few that look like they want to be eaten. So be it if they all say EAT ME! EAT ME!! I'm sure it has happened before) So we ate a bunch, maybe (just to satisfy the reference) About an eighth OR SO... Yuck...
Wash that down with a peace pipe, to soften our brains, and bring the world outside to the warm insides of my being. I got real stoned anyway. And we thought, we should ditch everything, except the bear essentials, which are, of course, your clothes and two oranges. We began to walk downstream, in search of our destiny. Not really, we were just wandering, but it seemed like a good direction to go...so we goed. And so it goes...in no time at all, I was feeling funny. Not har-har funny, as I kept saying, but funky funny and fully fabulous! A pair of wandering minstrels, stranded suddenly on a big rock in the middle of this raging whitewater river. Actually, it was rather low, and the largest of the rocks stuck up out of the water to dry, dotting the surface with an irregular Yellow Brick Road.
We skipped along, singing and yelling at things and people, and generally enjoying ourselves. The sunshine beat down, but did not oppress. The water was cool... Everything was really cool...
And when we were tripping so hard that we couldn't walk any more, we found the most special little embankment of moss and ferns, and took a siesta. There were flowers and little mushrooms everywhere, in colors azure and vermillion. I shit you not! And so, we thought simultaneously and telepathically, we must eat our oranges now. But for some funny reason, I just stuck my thumb in my orange, instead of eating it. This was mind-blowing. Almost like the feeling when you eat rolls and your senses are so lifted. We were lifted ladies and gentlemen. We just sat there, with our thumbs in our oranges, oranges for thumbs, juice so sticky and sweet. We licked it off like forest creatures, our paws...and we experimented with putting the citrus fruit on our toes, too. At this point our minds were total mayhem, that only a tripper can know. Tripping is so exclusive...I mean, how could I explain to a Square what I was feeling?! I was feeling everything!!! The clouds were part of my hair, and the moss was my skin and the river, my lifeblood... I was at peace in the world, and Ade and I really loved each other and everything else. As you get older, it seems to become harder to recapture those kinds of feelings.
Further onward we plunged, into the wild blue yonder, and downstream. Upon us fell the scaryness that sneaks up in a B-movie...REE REE REE...AHHHH, it's SPIDER WORLD, the sharp and frightening section of our journey... Hundreds of spiders, webs, and flying food, swarming our heads in a thundercloud... No way around...the river too deep, and the bank so steep with a new kind of rock: shale, sharp and black that liked to break off underfoot.
Only by our mutual heroism did we transcend this trial...At one point, I almost bugged out (pun intended), when I thougt my head was being swarmed by gnats... It was really only a few, but the trails they left made it seem like so many more! Ade took my head in her kind hands and said "ADAM! Look at me! ADAM! How many bugs are swarming around my head?" I said only two, and we both played the mirror game, where I pretended to be her, and therefore I knew there were only two bugs in my arena. Kraziness.
Ahah AHAHA!!!! I just realized something!!!! I now will tell you about the Tadpoles! Haha!
Once upon a time, we were tripping balls, and we came across tide pools in the rock. The river rock at this point was laying in sheets, twisted and carved into divots and pimples... Many of these sinks were filled with stagnant water, and of course the water was bound to support life...It was like the primordial seas all over again!! And Life was evolving into amphibians! Oh my! The pools were green (almost neon) with algal bloom, but at closer glance, which we could not ignore, they were FILLED with tadpoles, frogs of all maturities, lounging in the cool blue... Pleased with themselves and their effort towards evolution, and happy to eat algae and play with their brethren.
We were mystified to say the least. Sucked into their world, we became the frogs, and the slimy hole became our universe. We made rain dances and mingled at frog parties, had tadpole children, content and happy were we.
At this point Bobby McFerran was singing loudly to us: "Don't Worry, Be Happy...OOOhhh, ohhohhh, oooh, don't worry, be happy!" And we decided that we needed to hop along... Once again in the cool blue yonder! Where the river now became tunneled into one thin rushing vein, which, along with a small bank, separated us from a beautiful looking lagoon. It called for us!
So we stood on the edge of this raging gush, looking over the three feet that stood between our rock and the mangrove roots of the nearest big tree. Ade says to me, she says "I can make it!" and in one violent motion, we were suddenly sucked into the river, doggie-paddling for our lives... apparently she went to jump, slipped on a wet spot, and pulled me along for the ride. It was refreshing!
Kind of like a snowball down your back is refreshing...
Anyway, I lost a sandal. Sob Sob. But I was not afraid. We could not see the sandal... and we had the bright idea, that if we threw the other one in, it would go to the same place. Hmmm. In retrospect this seems very very stupid... "Interesting...but Stupid!" Ya know. And of course the second sandal promptly disappeared... so the trip was coming to a close... and we began our long retreat to the car, and food, and bowls to be smoked and songs to be heard...
When we returned, still tripping, to the car, we went a bit crazy and ripped all the upholstery off the ceiling. Go figure. That night, in our secluded mountain campsite, we smoked ourselves silly and eventually into a sleep-inducing stupor, but it was hard to go to sleep...I had thought this day would last forever, and it is always sad to come down from a great trip...But it is necessary, and OH! How good you feel after a long night's sleep!!!
And that is my story of the day. It was fun to recall. At one point, about a year later, I tried to recreate the trip with different people, but of course it was totally different. And so, I have never been back to World's End State Park. But if your ever in Pennsylvania, in that neck of the woods, and the weather's good...stop by and eat some booms! You won't regret it:)

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