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World is not real

Two other friends and I, all having taken a small amount of mushrooms only once before, took some with a first timer.

Two other friends and I, all having taken a small amount of mushrooms only once before, took some with a first timer. We ended up eating a whole half ounce between us, some having more than others. Our first timer friend and I ended up eating the majority of the caps and stems. We also even tried smoking some mixed in with weed just to try it. Within 20 minutes of taking it on a completely empty and starving stomach, I began to see hard core visuals. We were sitting in my friends room who had a blue, green, and black light on in his room. The first thing I noticed was when I looked over at his shelf of cds. The CDs began to appear to jump around and move about. Soon the ceiling, walls, and furniture were completely covered in patterns, and were swimming all about. Although I was enjoying it, it was still a pretty scary thing since it was nothing compared to the first time I tried. I barely saw any visuals the first time (Maybe Level 1). Then, the walls and ceiling began to look like glass, I I felt like I was looking through it. Behind and through the walls were all sorts of 3 demensional planes and objects moving about and rotating. My friends all lied silently looking about the room, but for some reason I began talking and talking. I felt the incredible need to say every single thought that popped into my head. I half way worried I was bothering every one because I was talking so much and they were being silent, but I still couldn't stop talking. I began to feel like I was slipping into some sort of more real reality than the one I was usually accustomed to. I felt the great need to communicate this to my friends, but words would not come to my mouth. I began to feel that words are definately not the most purest form of communication. I began to think about animnals, and small children and how they have it so much more right than anyone who has grown old and lost their innocense (I am 20 yrs). We also had some non-tripping friends stop over at that point and I immediately realized so many things about our normal situations I never would have thought before. I immediately saw how much we all hide in our face and body language how we are really feeling on the inside. We all come together and hang out, but don't even acknowledge why. We don't ever show how much love and happiness we have for each other when we come together. Instead, we are so fake and not real at all. We cooly say, "What's up." as if we could care less, which is so far from how we really feel. Animals and small children never hide these feelings of excitement to see someone who is important to them. They have no need to. I began to think about how the human race, though all its technologies, and paranoias, have grown and evolved away from the animals, who have so much more of a pure connection with earth, time, God, etc... But why are we hiding our true feelings? Why is there EVER any reason to? As humans, we are RARELY ever real with each other. And is it any wonder why we have war, fighting, hatred, etc.. Two strangers who meet on the street would just assume see the other person's face get smashed in, then come together and make each other happy. But why? Because of our own paranoia, and hatred that stems from not being real. The poison begins in our youth when our parents yell out things at us like, "Don't point at people!!!!!" or "What will they think of you??!!!" Worrying about what others think of you in social situations is the basis for why we are not at all real with our facial expressions, and/or body language when talking to others. And is it any wonder why we are so drawn to certain people and not others? It is because these people are not worried about what others are thinking of them; they are not worried about being real. And being real with your body language, and expressions is so much more of a real communication than words, or anything humans have evolved towards could ever be.
I also realized about how music, the direct expression of emotions and energy through body movements, is much more real of a communication. If someone is singing a sad song, it's the tone of their voice, not the words they are saying that is communicating the message of energy and emotion. And the whole world loves music and dancing, and they have no idea why! But this night I knew why.
I totally agree with this web page, and how shrooming help to bypass the "natural brain filter." With no worries of what other people are think of you, and the direct feeling of the energy that so many feel (comes from God, or some higher power(?)), you are much more real when you are on shrooms.
And I began to realize timess that in everyday life, you can feel a piece of that. If you are listening to REALLY LOUD music that you ABSOLUTELY LOVE, at a concert or wherever. That feeling of energy and power you get. That is it! You are headbanging/dancing/whatever, and the last thing on your mind is what anyone else is thinking of you or looking at you. That is what shrooming feels like to me (on the mental side). I felt like I was burning on much higher intensity rates than normal, maybe using more percentage of my brain (?). I think the visuals come in, especially at first, because your brian is being overloaded, and doesn't know what to do with all these extra signals it is recieving. So what you knew as reality, this worldly reality that has been built up and away from what is truly real, begins to break down, thus seeing visuals/ having thoughts of a more reality than the one this world knows. If we only use 10% of our brains, that means we have absolutely no idea of about 90% of what is REALY REALLY going on. Maybe when you are on shrooms, you are using about 12-15%(?).

So I was slipping into deep thought, and seeing deep visuals, and it was becoming less scary. The only time I became at all scared or felt that I was having a bad time, is when someone would bring me instantly down and back from that which I was feeling. We had sober friends who would start discussing "Money", or "Cheesburgers" both things of the evolved worldly reality. And I would instantly slip out of it, which felt almost rough on the system. But I soon my tripping friends and I isolated ourselves and began to talk. I felt that I need to convey all that I was feeling to them, and they still weren't even talking at all. Their brians were still trying to fight it too much, while I had already began to accept to level of intensity I was burnnig at. When I began describing everything to them that I just said, they immediately starting understanding, and having a MUCH MUCH better time with it. They became much mroe talkative to me too. The thing was, we were completely communication with each other and understanding each other, but I don't think we ever comlpeted a single verbal thought. Most of our communication existed of hand motions, pointing, and saying short phrases like, "You see??.. He does. But then she did.... So .. hmm?? It works!" Which sober people would have never understood, we were COMPLETELY understanding each other. We sat in a close circle and talked (more like communicated) for probably hours. One of my friends have eyes where his ears should have been. Another ones face was bubbling all sort of funny shapes and proportions outward, according to the emotion that was passing through him.

We finally all began to come down about 6-7am. We took them about 9pm. But then, we starting drinking alcohol, which I think completely started to bring it back. I have never heard of anyone mixing alcohol and shrooms before, but I definately think it is a good mix (maybe only after you are coming down). I still was feeling some effects I believe for two days afterward. 2 days later, I dropped a drop of water onto a piece of paper, and I saw a quick flash of outward ripples. I do not think it was a "flashback" or a permanent effect of the shrooms, I just think we had so much it stayed in our sytems for a while.

What made me feel the best about it was that we had eaten something, that was completely natural and was merely grown from the earth, picked, and eaten.

Anyway, I am sorry this is so long. I love your page, and wanted to get everything down I was feeling from my trip, so please do what you will with it.

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