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Words cannot Describ

Before I start I would just like everyone to know that what follows fails miserably to describe what happened.

Before I start I would just like everyone to know that what follows fails miserably to describe what happened...but here goes.
I have an excellent connection of mycologically grown indoor shrooms, well prices so I got an oz. Me and my friend J went to the mall and bought glow sticks and a strobe light. His house is filled w/ blacklights and those neon things that are touch sensitive, and lava lamps of course. So we turned everything on and ate an eight each to start. We rolled up a fat bone because we knew we'd be incapable of doing so soon. J put on some Marilyn Manson, and soon the trip began. The usual wall breathing and river flowing ceilings soon turned into utter chaos. Everything was colored dots, and combined w/ the Manson it felt like some sick ass haunted house. We ate some more and put on some more manson, and then reality was gone. We began to wonder if we were still alive, and if these shrooms were poisonous. Within a matter of moments though, I started hearing voices, and seeing a fractal pattern when I closed my eyes. The voices sounded like old englishmen describing the history of the united states. I realized for a brief moment what life was like in the 1700's. But soon everything came crashing down. I forgot how to use my brain, how to think, what reality was. Time and space were meaningless. I am 21 years old, but I felt like years were minutes, and space travel was possible. I saw poetry in blazing colors, and long after the music stopped, it was still playing. I have always prided myself on being learned and using my brain to its fullest. But i realized that night that everything I know is meaningless to the power of nature because it can be eradicated in mere moments. Again this is a bastardization of my trip because there was no video camera recording what I was seeing, but if there was...oh shit. shrooms 4 eva. PEACE

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