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So, I had some shrooms that were about eight months old, at least.

So, I had some shrooms that were about eight months old, at least. They had been dried and were sitting in my fridge the entire time. So, I thought I might as well eat them even though they probably wouldn't have any effect. I don't know how much there was but it was probably about 1/4 ounce. I mixed them into dark chocolate and together my friend P and I split up the gooey mixture and ate it. Soon after that we smoked a small bowl and layed down to watch "Walking with Dinosaurs". Very quickly the effects set in. P started to get really uneasy and we had to go upstairs to get away from the chaos of the Tv. We took out a 1,000 page book of volcanoe pictures and paged through it, marvelling at the beauty of the planet. We did this three times until the trip was too intense and we had to lay down and dim the lights. Soon P started to really go nuts. He was shaking violently and jabbering on and on in French (yes he's fluent). He kept asking me bizarre questions like why I'm so pretty and if I'm afraid of dying. My response was always the same; I either nodded my head, or laughed slightly. Soon P began to ask the questions over and over, but instead of waiting for a response he responded for me. It became apparent that he was in his own world, so I gave him a back rub and he soon fell asleep. This is when the trip got really serious for me. I went into his usually dim bathroom and the entire room seemed to be from another plane. I felt a distinct divine presence and the tiles of the floor and walls seemed to be glowing and chiming. Everything in the room was doing that weird 'breathing' thing where they expand and retract slowly. The room started to waver in and out of dark and light and it made me feel sick so I took a shower. I layed in the bathtub and let the water pour down on me. I stared into the drain for about an hour, watching the tub slowly fill up with water. After a while I got out and realized that the water had been WAY too hot. I was bright red and felt like my energy had been siphoned away. I stumbled back into the bathtub just in time for my frist real intense hallucination. I looked down at my stomach and saw it unzip, spilling my organs out into my lap. Then the blood rushed out in waves, filling the bath tub. I accepted that my death had come. I must have passed out or something here because the next thing I remember is picturing a long, white sword falling out of the sky and landing straight into P's heart. I jumped up out of the bath tub, ran out of the room and into P's bedroom. He was still asleep, phew. I then went back to the bathroom and stared at myself in the mirror for at least an hour. Soon I went back to bed, and after a few hours of sleepless tripping, I passed out. So, moral of the story is: shrooms don't lose their potency quite as quick as I thought.

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