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MRCA Tyroler Gluckspilze
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It was Saturday around 5:30, bright, hot, sunny.

It was Saturday around 5:30, bright, hot, sunny. I was at Woodstock 99. Me and my friends had each taken an 1/8 of shrooms are ourselves. We had left the tent area, and were on our way to the main stage. I remember walking towards the stage and I couldn't stop laughing, everybody around me looked so fucked up. Someone yelled out "Hey I Can't Stop Walking". Just then I realized I couldn't stop walking either. The wind was at our back, and it felt like their was a strong current just pushing us closer to the stage, like the stage had it's own gravity source. IT was wild, when we finally got to a good spot to sit, Dave Matthewes Band was on, so we sat in the field and smoked alot of opium with some people sitting next to us. Then my mind really went bizzaro. It was so hot, Dave Matthewes was done playing and now Alanis Morrisette was on stage. I remember looking around and seeing all these people just laying around dehydrating. Then these two guys with super-soakers came out to water the crowd down, and he kept saying "Time TO Water The Floweres". Then it occrued to me, we were all flowers. So for the next hour I thought I was a flower in a middle of a field. It was fucked up.

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