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Me and my friends were at woodstock and walking around the grounds and we found a fat sack of KB marijuana.

Me and my friends were at woodstock and walking around the grounds and we found a fat sack of KB marijuana. We were so punped because it would normally cost around 100 bucks. My friend whipped out a sack of shrooms and we took them and while we were waiting for them to hit we smoked while listening to soul coughing on the west stage.

When it finally hit after about 40 minutes or so i was looking at the sky and watching it drip. Me and my friend who hit at the same time as me just looked at each other and started to laugh for at least 30 minutes non stop. i had to go piss so i went to the portolets and while i was pissing the walls were closing in on me and i got scared so i ran out right away while i was still unzipped, but that did not really matter because everyone else there was naked. I almost lost my way back to my friends but somehow i made it.

We all went to get some food because we were hungry and we got some shitty stuff that was made of corn meal and cheese, it was terrible tasting but for some reason i kept on eating it. after eating our food SEVENDUST got on stage and they are the scariest band ever. right when they got on stage lightning came down everywhere and we were thinking of going under a tent but it might get struck by lightning. then we though of staying where we were but we thought that we would get trampled by all the people running from the lightning.... we ended up just sitting in the field where we were and my friend who was tripping too, said that we had to finnish off all the shrooms and i was really hungry so i ate too many (5 caps and some stems) after this i was trippin hard.

Somewhere in between this, we went to go see red hot chili peppers play. I don't remember the walk over for obvious reasons but i do remember that the ground was moving backwards and in an backward motion.

Somehow we made it to the east stage and red hot chili peppers got on stage but i could not stand up to watch them although they are one of my favorite bands. I was sitting on the ground rocking back and fourth thinking about why my I was hillucinating so much. after pondering this for a while i knew it was because of a chemical imbalance of the nerves that was sending unclear messages to my brain (i don't know how i knew it but everything came clearer while i was stoned/tripping). anyway i am sitting on the ground rocking back and fourth not being able to stop and looking at all of the legs around me and i notice the people next to each other are having oral sex. I tapped my friend and started to crack up laughing at them and he started laughing at them to. I dazed in and out of conscienceness while the people next to me were having sex for a while and i heard all kinds of good music coming from RHCP but could not recognize it.

When all the good music ended and some guy got on stage saying not to panic but the fire engines would be coming in a little while me and the others started to freak out. We tried to get away and not stepped on but we couldn't get up. finally we got out of the crowd and looked for chineese food for a while but we couldn't find it. After that night i have not shroomed since because of how strong that hit.

Recently i found a whole lot of shrooms around my house and hope to do them soon after we make sure they are good.

trippin at woodstock 99'

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