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My friend and I picked up a half-ounce of shrooms a few nights ago and we decided we would each down an eighth each.

My friend and I picked up a half-ounce of shrooms a few nights ago and we decided we would each down an eighth each. We dropped my girl off at her house and i began to eat my eighth, as he had already done while driving. We arrived at Blockbuster to rent a movie for later during our trip, but we wound up not finding anything we wanted. I began talking to the guy at the front desk and he was real friendly and i walked out happy. As i hopped into my friends van("the party van" as we call it) my legs immediately felt a euphoria and intense pleasureful energizing feeling. The worker from blockbuster walked out and i decided to get out and talk to him. I went over with my friend and as i was standing there telling him i had eaten shrooms, i felt like i was about to shoot off the ground up thru the roof of the canopied sidewalk. At this point he was laughing so hard at my unerasable smile on my face and my hugely dialated pupils. We decided to leave and the ride home to my house was full of colors wizzing by the car and a sense of complete restlessness. We pulled in my driveway and my friend parked the van as my trip was coming on hardcore. My friend finally started to feel it, as i had been laughing my butt off uncontrolably at the littlestthings. I lost all feelings of proportionality and i felt as if i were floating in the front seat. All lights were extremely vibrant like stars and long streams of colored energy floated by me. As i took a mini mushroom and held it in my hand, i couldnt even feel it, and it grew in size as i watched it. I popped it in my mouth and we walked into my house giggling like girls.
As i walked thru the kitchen all the walls were bending and i felt complete euphoria thruought my body, almost like ecstasy or other drugs. I sat at my computer, and began IMing poeple on aim. My screen was changing colors, everything was psychedelic and awesome. My guitar had about ten extra strings as i tried to play. I hardly understood long messages poeple sent me, and i could basically give like one sentence answers. My ability to do more than one thing at once was futile and i would focus on one thing to maintain reality. This was the most amazing thing I have ever done in my life. Anytime I focused on something, a million little colored objects (shamrocks..lines of color, lines of geometrics colored with reds blues and greens) would zoom by or float around. We decided to go down to my basment in the pitch dark, and i could see thru the dark because of the colors and patterns appearing in the dark, not to mention the lack of proportions made everything ten times more fun. I would walk into couches that moved and floated and as i sat and feel into them with my legs in the air and me on my back, i felt as if i sank thru the couch. We walked outside onto my well lit up driveway and the sky was a deep violet instead of pitch black and a million stars were up in the night sky. I verified my trip with my buddy, who wasnt having visuals hardly at all, as i would ask if he saw certain things or not that i saw. I called my girl on the phone and could hardly remember things she would say about 5 seconds before. Anything my friend did while i was on the phone was hilarious and she eventually just said shed call me tomrrow. We walked around my neighborhood while being on a complete higher level of thought and communication. We laid in the middle of the street and looked up at the stars while talking of matters such as time, earth and space, girls, our life and everything u could imagine...with everything sounding so philosophical and mind blowing. The idea of time escaped us completely, and we began to hate the man made concept that restricts humans and abilities. We glanced at our cell phones to get an idea of how long we possibly could have gone wit forgetiting time, and it was only a HALF HOUR! We were amazed.
We discussed the idea of popularity, and how a person is popular for maybe a few years, a party is popular and poeple talk of it for maybe a few hours, but TIME is THE most popular thing ever, simply everyone constantly thinks and talks and wonders about it. As we looked up at the sky and talked about our deepest emotions, and high and low points of our 17 year old lives, we began to eat away the layers of ego and personality, and by the point we had finished our peak of the trip, i was talking and acting as much of "my being" as i have ever done. At one point of our convo, the highest point of my intellectual half of our discussion was me stating "I am who I am, I am ME" and it made complete sense, beyond what any of you can imagine without maybe deep meditation or mushrooms or lsd. I had never felt more at home with myself and free from trouble, problems, and details.
One of my favorite points of the trip was laying in the street watching lines of energy shoot between the stars, tracing geometric shapes and designs...possibly how the Greeks came up with their stories and constelations in the night skies? At this time, we realized that say a cop rolled down the road and saw us lying in the street, what can he do besides ask us to get up? We weren't drunk or high on weed, we didnt have drugs on us, he couldnt do antything except ask us to move. This was the first time in my life I ever felt free of laws and man-made imposed restrictions. I was TRULY FREE.
The result of the trip truly opened me up and made me realize that my life has been incredibly lucky, compared to many other poeple. Throughout the whole enlightening experience I felt in control, yet totally free and out of control (in a perfectly natural, awesome way). I even managed to make it thru a convo. with my dad when we got back to the house after Blockbuster. The only advice I have for novices is to watch out for pupil dialation, because i had hardly ANY iris left in my eyes, and to make sure u have fun while your taking them. I dont believe in bad trips, but i do believe the mood ur in my be intensified, so before u start, try to smile. My eighth kicked in after about 20-25 minutes, so be prepared, and again, SMILE. Good Luck and welcome to the Wonderland.

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