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Ok, this was my first experience with shrooms.

Ok, this was my first experience with shrooms. Myself and 2 friends John and Tyrone where away for the weekend at one of my John's parents cottage. We had -alot- of beer and weed, and our goal was too get incredibly drunk and stoned, and just not really care about anytjing this weekend.

We came up at the cottage, up the mountain side at around 6 friday evening. There was no people close at all. So we drank a few beers, smoked a few bowls of some great weed.

Later that evening, John pulled up a jar from his backpack, and it had alot of dried shrooms. I don't remember how much it was exactly. He asked us if we wanted to join in, and we said yes straight away. He mixed it with some juice or what it was, and we gulped it down, Tyrone hated the tasted and almost puked, I didn't mind it, neither did John.

So, we sat back for half an hour or so, giggling a bit, blurred vision, all those standard things. Then after a while, the trip came creeping in. I looked at John, and suddenly his skin turned pink, and he got a pigs-nose, I cracked up, laughing. I laughed and laughed for about 5 mins, so did Tyrone and John.

We decided to go out a bit. It was a perfect August night, stars shining bright. I looked at the stars, awed, when they all suddenly started moving around, dancing, jumping, running.

I decided to walk for myself abit, so I went up to a hill, and on my way I saw all these fairies, and leprechauns around me, hiding for me. When I reached the top of the hill, I looked down on a small valley, and it was beutiful, even though it was night, there was all these insane colours. A river flowed by, and it was in a beutiful purple-ish colour. The fields where blue, and the trees where orange. I have no idea how I could see this, since it was dark outside, but it was still beutiful.

I sat down too look at this beutiful vision, when suddenly four small frogs came over to me. They all started singing and dancing around me, first I didn't realize what they sang, but then I understood that they where doing the indian song that Jim Morrison sings with the Doors in the desert in the movie. Two was the indian voice, and two the waterfall. It was without doubt the most bizarre thing Ive ever seen. After a good while of watching these frogs (I have no idea how long I sat there) I decided to walk back.

The walk back was pretty insane too, Trees started moving, a big rock started to talk to me, he got a face and all, but the sound was so blurred and slow, so I don't know what he said. All these insane colors came from everywhere, and I felt very content and happy with life.

When I came back to the cottage, I saw John lying on the ground watching the stars, and Tyrone walking around the house, and he was walking like Johnny Depp in 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas'.

We all lied on the ground for a good while, watching the stars, and seing, very twisted things up there, until we went inside and fell asleep.

My first, and absolutely incredible trip on shrooms.

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