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Wolf inside

I was in Japan, bought a pack of shrooms (about 3g) on the street and gulped them down at a trance party.

I was in Japan, bought a pack of shrooms (about 3g) on the street and gulped them down at a trance party. I was raving away, barechested and enjoying the visual effects - saw energy streams running through people and objects. Suddenly I felt an overwhelming wave sweep over me that almost knocked me to my feet. I was about to collapse, but just as suddenly recovered and realised that I was in some kind of mental link with my pet dog in Australia.I started feeling supernatural and changing into a wolf. My mind flickered to a scene where I was running on four legs through heavy snow.There was a dark pine forest and a castle in the background. I felt fur growing out of the pores of my skin and I was a black wolf of enormous size with large gleaming white canine teeth. My mind flicked back to the trance party and I instantly the other other ravers around me sensed the change in presence. Within a few seconds I found myself surrounded by young Japanese females. I felt immense power, that I could read thoughts, that my reflexes were fast beyond belief, that I had supernatural strength and intelligence.At that stage my jaw muscles were clenched hard and I just felt hard musculature all over my body and a mind that could jump around mortal limitations. I saw the future, and was able to predict changes in the music about 30 seconds before they happened and before the other trancers reacted to the audial stimulation.This feeling of power was liberating, I felt special, destined, chosen for something.Since that time I have had the same experience whenever I take shrooms, and can conjure it whilst sober as well. I feel a slight change in my eyes like they are growing slitted or seeing through things. Other people report that I seem much more confident at these times, though I naturally act confidently anyway.It is as if I have conjured up a spirit that was lying latent within me all the time. I don't feel posessed, just awaken to some type of ancestor or archetype.This has been an immensely positive experience that has changed my life.

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