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wild yellow fizz

i took shrooms b4 a few times in small doses, around mabye 1 or 2 dried grams and enjoyed, so of course when my friend had cultivated the latest batch these ones he dubed "tazmanians" i was itching to be the guinie pig again.

i took shrooms b4 a few times in small doses, around mabye 1 or 2 dried grams and enjoyed, so of course when my friend had cultivated the latest batch these ones he dubed "tazmanians" i was itching to be the guinie pig again.

firstly i took these the very day he picked them from a "casing" theyre the biggest mushrooms ive seen. they bruiesed pure blue when i cut them up and squeezed em i understood this meant good potency. so, i started to eat them, on a an empty stomach i chewed them quite alot b4 swallowing. i dont know exactly how many i took but mabye a rough guess could be about 15 good sized shrooms. they tasted fine still very wet they had a watery juicy texture.

in a clostraphobic roofspace of a bedroom with dirty socks and loud "death metal" i complained to my friends of "flopsquit" and moved out to the back garden. they soon followed. sitting at a table i was drinking beer in the sun and not thinking much about the shrooms at all. i felt it coming on notably in power in the form of intense tingles and a sickening giddy rush. it was very intense, i relaxed and let it flow through, though i must say it wasnt very relaxing. felt as thou every cell in my body was beating at different speeds like liquid pumps.

the garden we were sitting in started to look beautiful. it is a well looked after clean cut garden with safe flowers and hanging baskets etc. rather than simply looking at a plant the way u would usually the plant seemed to jump into my mind, its sickening dark green turgid leaves were almost occupying my entire taste, vision and smell. i noticed everything i looked at or paid attention to would do this there was no music just the sound of some sober friends galavanting at my drugged up stupor and birds singing. i was tripping pretty hard 1 hour after taking the shrooms. closed eye visual were of mad and indescribable phycadellic beauty, thousands of ultra neon clored 3d shapes morfing into various patern, tuning themselves into various forms of visual logic. my thoughts were going ultra speed and my body began to slow down its rush but my mind didnt stop, althou i leveled out at an amazing platau, i was still buzzing hard and my vision was warped and things seemd to have kind of clear gellatine auroas to them. my friends looked normal despite being purple tinted, but things like fences and the way the garden was arranged no matter where i looked as if it were a great painting, alomost like physics.

by this stage another friend had joined us and nibbled for his 1st time 4 of these tasmanian bruizers. my other friend who grew them munched the rest. he wasnt feeling good. two of them went round to a shop for food and drinks, the other went indoors. i sat theyre tripping amazingly mad. wen the sun would come out it was really bright and would fill everything b4 my eyes with colour. the only sounds were birds and lawnmowers, other back gardens of spides, mizers and daytimes, spoiling there day off by working around the house.

the two came back from shop with a packet of bright yellow lemony flovoured sugary fizz. and jelly tots with an amazing pchycadellic patern to them. colours were amazing. the closed eye visuals were getting ever more intense, as i guzzled this yellow sparckely fizz i felt saturated with colour and overwhelmed by taste. wen i closed my eyes wild constant swirling paterns wooshed and danced elegantly to the sound of the bird flocks, they all beamed with bright colours like neon lights but with a misty realistic look to them. i seen ocasionally appearing among the detailed and complexed realms of this phycadellic insanity a face, it pulled many expressions depending on the background it was on. it would sometimes appear on a mulittude of backrounds making up several patterns, with the same expression or on a multitude of subtly different backrounds with vigouressly different expressions or vice versa. whatever way he appeared it was different every second. something else in the picture would always distract me and draw me in. then he would appear again, laughing but making no sound and looking at me with half frightened half sarcastic eyes.

to be honest many of the closed eye visual were exciting and immensed but indescribable. the multitude of emotions which literally rushed through my body was great. i rolled a joint and had a smoke, relaxed a bit. my friend who has long hair went into a shed to roll a massive joint, i could see the sillouete of his hair through the window but the grey shed wall beside it seemed to be pouring with diffent expressions and bearing teeth or not so in different areas. these were all emotions of this long haired guy depending on his satisfaction with the joint he was rolling, u could see a puzzled suffering face in the grey textured wall wen he was having trouble and proud happy faces wen it was going well. i could not see this guys real face at all just the sillouette of his long hair. wen he left the shed to boast of this joint the wall confused me, and for a while i took great pity on all the souls and melting expressions that just made no sense without him in there, it bacame like a pitiful melting wall of faces with no purpose. everyones face glimmered purle the whole time. and, we were drinking from a blue bowl on the ground.

i was still tripping but just slightly coming down , i had drunk some orange and smoked some weed, i hit a few bongs and went inside to look at a mirror and look at the guys pet poodle. it seemed terrified but fluffy cute and helpless, sometimes wen i looked at it this tiny dog would appear huge and domniant. i left the house pretty quick.

wen i got back out my friend wasnt looking healthy or feeling good, he hadnt took as much as me but hed been rolling around on the ground for the last few hours and seemed to have specks of mycelium attatching bits of his face, with his strange unruly wild red hair and thin body we concluded he was a living mushroom, breaking out of its life giving compounds. i was told i looked dry and could be made out a tough bread like wheaten. but the guy wasnt well and his girl was calling in an hour and he was trying to kick us out, this upset me alot, because i was still tripping hard and wasnt bothering anyone lying at the back of his garden, he looked very rough bothered and intense so we sort of agreed we would be leaving soon, although i had thought the trip was about over anyway at this point, the minor agro threw me straight into the most intense part of my trip without warning.

after eating a full handfull of the sparkly yellow fizz which i had avoided for a while i complained into myself that i wasnt feeling good, the sun was baking me and sudenly i was drenched in sweat, my head felt like it was rippeling and busting, with thought and fury wen i closed my eyes it was dark but eveything around seeemed dark to for what must have been about 20 minutes, but it felt like mabye 6 seconds, yet an eternity within these six seconds because i was gone, something behing me to the right had nagged my attention and i closed off into a universe of what it was for a split second then fazed out into nothing, i think the object was a holy tree or something but it became entirely insignificant as i temporarily died.

i slowly glipped in and out of reality for the next 10 minutes or so. i think the guy that only took 4 was pretty freaked out, they wernt sure if i was even being genuine because of how zoned i had looked. i had trouble not actually saying things but conjuring all the energy to talk was so difficult, i was happy not to. i lay down on the floor, i like gound level most. incresingly not trusting anywhere else.

eventually i decided i could go home. tripping like a madman the whole way home the shrooms were still in effect, i winked at dogs and they understood, local villagers and townies looked gnarly and unpleasent, so unhappy with there lives. bushes glimmered and moved, seeming more alive then the miserable people in the area. i made it home and had a delicious dinner, which i thoughrouly enjoyed eating. i smoked a few bongs etc and im here now still feeling the effects of these slightly.

so i would recomend shrooms because of there peaceful natuarally quality, ulitimately u cant go wrong, but the importance of mood and setting are highly important. my friends mindset may not have been at all healthy or ready for these thus he suffered. one good word to describe them is intense, so if it gets bad, its gonna spiral into mental agony and insanity, but if your happy and its going well u can cruize the neon glories of spacetime and hopefully appreciate the fact that your alive and able to delve into the natural pleasures occasionally boiling your ego in yellow fizz whilst doing so. thank you for your time.

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