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whos punching me

I woke up on Saturday morning, as scared as i have ever been before because tonight i was takin my first shrooms with 5 other friends.

I woke up on Saturday morning, as scared as i have ever been before because tonight i was takin my first shrooms with 5 other friends.

After reading many stories about trippers and first time shroom takers i was a little uneasy and was hopping not to take a bad trip!!

it was a little afta 11!! what was i thinking before, everything was great, i had nothing to worry about in life i was as happy as ever.

then it really started hitting me. by this time i had 4 shrooms and i was up 4 more!! ALOT MORE!!

grabbing the bag of shrooms i took down about 5 more, not thinking about the concequences.

12:30 where am i, i didnt know what was going on!! I started hullicinating seeing a tiger jumping around wen i closed my eyes and also a choo choo train going around in circles around the room.

when i stood up my body started melting into the ground, it was the weirdest feeling ever but it felt great!

i sat back down on the bed as some1 began to hit me!! it didnt hurt at all just interesting, as my head went side to side taking left and right hooks of some unknown person who was hitting me!! WHAT THE FUCK WAS GOING ON

as i looked at my arnheim, he thought there was vampires around him, FREAK! while this was happening matt was amazed to see shapes coming from johns head. i really wished i saw them but i was to busy trying to find out who was punching me. elliot was once again back into the mushrooms taking them down like chips he musta had about 14 and was truthfully dieing!! (he didnt actually die)
Paul also known as guinea pig was rolling around the ground talkin about going on an adventure for about 4 hours! it was only about 30 mins but it seemed ages!!

even after having 9 i wanted more. the others played a joke on me going down to kitchen getting a huge mushroom telling me the dealer just sold it to them!! i was amazed. the happiest man alive, wouldnt have been happier if i won the lotto. i didnt want to eat it at first cause it looked so great i didnt wanna ruin it. i decided wots the point in watching so i took a huge mouthful.

ahhhh disgusting every1 started to laugh at me, i felt sick as the explained to me it was just a random mushroom it wasnt actually a magic shroom!! not happy i wanted more but i closed my eyes n layed down instead. watching the tiger some more a tomato was placed on my head!! cut in half so the juice was running everywhere. i quickly got up and threw it, as i told every1 what happend the didnt know what i was talkin about.. i was scared i didnt know how it got ther or wher it went. i was thinking about this for aggess (about 2 mins) and matt finally told me it was him.. i closed my eyes and oppend them what seemed to be about 5 seconds!! every1 was gone. i closed them again for 5. they were all back eating food. i was in my own world it was best thing eva!! i looked out window and saw dragons but it was really a tree they were all shouting at me ahhhhh!! it was the greatest thing i had eva seen

the nite went on a little longer and we watched natural born killers. crazy movie prolly best movie to trip to i recommend it!!

a little later we all layed down and listend to music. best music eva i must say!! matt let me listen to his tool cd it was awessooommmeee!! i recomend that two

as the shrooms eased off we had some pot then went to bed!!

waking up about 6 hours later!! that was the greatest nite of my life. i cant wait to do it again. i think itll be this sat nite i do it, going to take bout 11-12!! cant wait!!

if u eva get a decision to take magic mushrooms take em!! they aint like ne other drug, one of a kind, prolly one of tha best aswell!!

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