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Thursday we had picked a full gallon bag of cubensis in a cow field down the road.

Thursday we had picked a full gallon bag of cubensis in a cow field down the road. It's always got shrooms growing in it. LOTS. Well we planned that we would get togehter and trip Friday. It was me, my little brother, and my friends Steven and Josh. We got in from school, sat around for my parents to leave and Josh to get back from work. In the mean time we also skated. So then my parents left and I decided I was going to make Shroom-aid. I got about 30 of the shrooms, grinded them up in an electric grinder and boiled them for about 5 minutes. Then strained all the juice out and did the same thing over again. After I was done, I put the sugar, and flavored shit in it. It was grape. So we went upstairs and downed all of it b/w the 3 of us. My brother just ate 4. After that we drank down some lemon juice after hearing about it having a low PH and making the trip be more intense. Within 10 minutes we were feeling it. So we put in a scary moved, "Hostile" and got quickly bored watching the movie. Well, we decided to put some techno and the black light on and watch Steven dance with glowsticks. It was amazing. I just closed my eyes at one point and just drifted off into what I'd like to say hell. I tried to explain it to everyone when I got back but I was at a loss of words. So the night continued and my brothers shrooms started kicking in. This was his first time. He was getting all whiney because he didn't think they were going to work being ours had done kicked in, so he went to sleep and woke up, but then he got up and they had kicked in. So we're all laughing and then we look over, and hes in the corner crying, rocking himself back and forth in a little ball. We couldn't get any words out of him. He just kept saying "I don't know man" and "Its scary man" over and over. I finally got him to come to a little bit and talk to me about what was going on. All he would say was "it was red and it was in the closet". So after trying and trying and getting no where, I covered him up and told him to lay there and think happy for a while. That finally did the trick. He snapped out of it and we continued the fun. Well, I have really curly hair and its long. It was scaring everyone. They all said it looked like snakes moving on my head and I would just find them stairing at it every now and then. So i reassured them it wasn't and finally they realized it was just hair. Which was a relief. It got really annoying to find them just stop doing whatever and stare in aw. So we just sat around talking about how the clothes on in my closet, the walls, the entertainment center, the TV, the LED lights on the stereo and just everything in the room was doing crazy stuff. Then we all just shut up. As soon as we did, Steven freaked out. He said he saw knives stab all into the wall, and in a certain area, he saw white liquid leak out, like a blood type of ooze. I then later realized what we had saw, there was something spilt on the wall that looked like blood when the blacklight was on. And he later confirmed that's what it was. Its now probably 3 a.m. and I decide to lay down because it was like something was telling me to. So I did. As I layed there, looking into the roof, everything turned into 3D squares and I could everything letting off sound waves. So everything in the whole entire room being squares, they would beat to the music. Then they got all fluorescent and parted in the middle. Which looked like the room parted. This is when I left this world. I couldn't see anything but I could hear it. And I went into this loop type thing. I then woke up after about 5 minutes and saw Stevens face. I had seen this picture on the internet where this guys eyes were his mouth, so he had three mouths and no eyes. Well this happened when I came back. Everything steven was saying, his "mouth eyes" were moving with it. It really freaked me out. So I layed back down and drifted out of this world again. I went back into this loop that I just CAN NOT explain. And it was like I went somewheres and everything was just sound waves and differen't frequency levels. And I was just at COMPLETE happiness. I wouldn't stay gone for long, but when I did leave and come back, it took everyone to hold me down. Im suprised nothing bad happened because i'm about 165 lbs and almost 5' 10". But luckily, they kept me undercontrol (Thank God). After those experiences, I drifted out one last time. Everything was very sunny this time. It was like I was on the beach in the middle of the universe and there was this snake. It was my friend. Well I didn't stay here that long, but I came back hearing Josh talking about a Snake. Its like everything that he said while I went where ever I did the last time, I experienced it in my head. Everytime I would leave, It would be like on that movie "Constantine". Like everything would start vibrating (the 3D squares that would beat to the music) and then everything would just part down the middle and I'd be gone. So the last experience went over and I decided to put a movie on. I got bored with that within 5 minutes, so we put some music back on. Got bored would that quickly and just watched plain cable T.V. It started pissing me off because it just looked so ugly to me for some reason. That's when I went to sleep. Overall, I'd say it was a pretty good trip other than the fact I was nausiated for about an hour.

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