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Who am I?

This was my second time doing shrooms.

This was my second time doing shrooms. My friend and I went
over to some more of our friends' apartment, and there were
seven of us dosing. Everyone took about 1/16 of an ounce,
some more, some less, except me. I took about 3/16, or 5
grams. (After the trip my friends told me they must have
been pretty strong, too.) First we all chilled in the
apartment, which had blacklights set up and flourescent
mushrooms and sunbursts painted on the walls. I started
grinning about 10 minutes before everyone else, and felt a
little out of place. Then my vision started to grow fuzzy,
and I started getting visuals. The wood finish coffee
table we were sitting around turned to liquid, then went as
smooth as marble, then melted. I looked at my friend's arm
resting on the couch and it seemed to grow into the
cushion, like he was part of the couch. I looked at another
friend, a muscular black guy who had his shirt off, and his
flesh seemed to crystalize and get all translucent. His
girlfriend was combing her hair, and it looked like jello
that she was pulling out of her head. Another member of the
group has his sideburns and goatee cut so they are pointy
and he looks like a werewolf when everyone gets high. When
I saw him, though, his face actually started to transform
and get extremely muscular and inhuman-looking. We all got
tired of sitting around, and we ran around the apartment
going into all the different rooms. (This is a VERY trippy
apartment... the decorators are veteran shroomers.) Then we
all started wearing each other's winter clothes, like we
were going skiing or something. Then we stepped outside,
which was like entering another dimension. We all tromped
out to this huge wheat field, where time began to lose
meaning for me. We climbed up this hill, and down again,
and we lost sight of the apartments, and it seemed like it
didn't really matter which way we went. My reality started
to loop like stock footage in a porn flick, and I began to
think that the wheat field was the universe and I didn't
actually have a life except for marching up and down it
forever. I began to get a little scared at this point, and
began imagining that people were dissapearing from our
group. (Two actually had, they got horny or something.) I
then believed that I could control my friends actions with
my mind. I would think of a direction, and they would all
walk that way. I would think "stop", and someone would say,
"Do you want to chill here for a second?"... "OK." I also
believed that I could control the physical landscape, like
I could imagine something, turn around, and there it would
be. (There were water towers and fences and stuff scattered
around.) Finally, at my peak, I lost all sense of who I
was. I forgot where we lived, forgot all about college,
forgot my family, and basically didn't know why I existed.
I just blindly followed the people I was with, all the time
saying stuff like "What the fuck is this?" and "Where are
we going?... Is there someplace to go?" Finally I started
to come down, but didn't believe the world was real until
we actually got back inside the apartment. It took me
about fifteen minutes of asking my friends questions and
observing their reactions to decide that they were real and
not more hallucinations. Then we all took a knife hit and
watched one guy paint more trippy stuff on the walls with flourescent paint.

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