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first trip - car ride

I am a 18 year old male and i weight about 220 lbs.

I am a 18 year old male and i weight about 220 lbs. this is a recap of my first shroom trip which took place last night

Well last night i did mushrooms for the first time. It was Me my buddy N and friends of his S and her friend K. we all did about a half 8th which is 1.7g. my buddy C was there but he didn't boom with us. i ate at about 6 and was done at about 6:30. We didn't have anything to do right away so we just started driving around. at about 7 i wasn't feeling to good i had a stomach ache but i was feeling weird at the same time. for some reason my buddy C wanted to go play pool so him and Nolan wanted to be dropped off at the pool hall.

(after 30 Min's)
but we had to stop at the gas station to go to the bathroom. well we all went in and there was this weird guy in there. when i walked in i could have sworn he asked me why there was a pay phone inside the gas station. i ignored him and walked towards N in the candy isle. thats where i started to really freak out the colors were so intense on the box's of candy. i thought i was being watched so i walked over to C and told him to walk with me to the car. we got out to the car and we hopped in. in a minute N and K joined me and C. S had to go back in the store so she walked up to the door by herself. where the weird guy proceed to hold the door so she couldn't get in. she walked to the other door and went in. she did what she had to do then came back out. and the weird guy kinda followed her. we were about to leave and he walked towards K's car. he stood right next to the window and just started talking. about the most random shit. like how he thought he was fat. and how he used to play basketball. it was freaky as shit. well eventually we just drove off and left him by his lonesome.

(after45 Min's)
by the time we got to the pool hall i was freaking out but in a good way. when i shut my eyes i had vibrant colors that seemed to go along with the techno music that was being played in k's car. well me K and S sat in the parking lot cause we didn't want to go inside the pool hall. well after about 5 Min's which seemed like an hour we decided to leave them and go. K called N and told him to just call us when they were done. so me K and S went on a drive that could be classified as nothing less than a Voyage. we only drove around for about 30 Min's but it felt like the entire night. me K and S bonded so much. i was sitting in the back S was in shotgun and K was driving. i was cold earlier so i had been holding on to this T-shirt. and as we started driving on this voyage i noticed that the T-shirt became part of me i wouldn't let it go. K asked (at the stop light) if she could have it. i said ok and gave it to her. i got this real cold feeling like a part of me was missing, i felt cold and alone. she gave it back and i got a heavy warm feeling deep in my stomach like someone just gave me the most important gift of all, life. i laid the T-shirt over my lap and put my hands under cause i was still a bit cold cause S smokes and she has to have the window open when she does. i was looking around and i glanced down and i saw the T-shirt move up and down slowly like it was breathing. so i held my breathe, and it kept moving, so i glanced at the ground and doors inside the car and it looked like they were breathing as well. i felt like i was having a hard time breathing after i held my breathe for what seemed like an hour. so i put the shirt up to my face cause right then i thought it would help me breathe and i got a strong smell of mushrooms. so i had S spray my hands with some smelly shit cause the smell of the shrooms was bothering my nose horribly. This whole time that Me, K ans S were driving we were having wild conversations about the most randoms stuff. like what makes us different from the animals. and why we where clothes and they don't. and even why we go to the mall and they don't. the answers seem so obvious now but last night they were question i could have thought about for hours and hours. we eventually got a call from N and went went to pick him and C.

(after 1hr and a half)
We got to the Pool hall and N and C hopped in the car. and we took off. i got a that weird cold feeling again. and the car ride was kinda somber and different from the voyage me K and S had just went on. i felt alone cause N and C were now in the car and they were talking about totally different stuff then what me K and S were talking about. N had said he saw C's shirt wink at him and the pool stick was curving and stuff. but me and K and S wanted to just talked about deep shit. well after about 15 Min's and i was completely silent which was 100% different from how i was on the voyage. K turned around and asked what was wrong and i answered as honestly as possible. i said i missed her and S. cause honestly i felt like i hadn't hung out with them for days even weeks. it felt like they were good friends that i just dint hang out with anymore. cause once N and C got in the car there were to different conversations going on. N and C were talking, and S and K were talking and i didn't feel like i belonged into any of their conversations so i kinda sat there for awhile. and K and S every once in awhile would turn around and ask me how i was doing and that they missed talking to me and such. i would just comment on how i thought i mood changed since N and C got in. and they would go back to their conversation. well we ended up driving around almost the rest of the night. we were by a target so we got out and everyone went in to use the rest room. it was the single weirdest target i have every been in. the was no background music and everyone was real real quite. and as i walked in i felt as if everyone was watching us. we went to the bathroom. and when everyone was done we walked out again. just chatting and such. we got back in the car and i felt so much better i was like i was before i was talking and such, K and S then told me that they were glad i was back. like i left for awhile and now everything was normal again. we had to drop C off at the mall so he could go chill with his girl friend.

(after 3hr and a half)
me, K, S and N headed back to N's house when we got there our trip was pretty much over. N went inside and me K and s. stayed in the car and talked a bunch more. N came back and his mom was so pissed at him so we didn't go in. me and N left in his mom's car and S and K left in K's car. i was sad to see them go but they said we are gonna hang out soon so it was all good. N and i went and picked up some bud split 4 bowls and then he dropped me off at home. and i had trouble getting to sleep for a few hours but eventually i just nodded off. and fell asleep.(6 hrs)

well that was my shroom trip i know it was kind long but i guess it is what it is. just remember to be safe and don't do anything with out knowledge of how/what it does to you. so you can kinda expect what is gonna happen.

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