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Where Did I Go?

Monday night, I, from the local shamen (dealer) got seven grams of shrooms.

Monday night, I, from the local shamen (dealer) got seven grams of shrooms. Not quite sure what type - never can be sure.

Tuesday morning, 8:00am, down they go, all 3 1/2 grams. No turning back. Eat an orange and get in the shower, get out of the shower at aprox. 8:15. Nothing is getting weird yet. Getting dressed and waiting. 8:30 - Thank you for choosing Shroom Airlines, hope you enjoy the flight.

I get that kind of dizzy, upset stomach, pre-trip effects. Having tripped before, I knew I was about to take off. Staring at the plaster-contour ceiling swirling above my head, going with the flow...get to be too much so I put in some Bob Marley. Lively Up Yourself. After dancing for about an hour, that was the only thing important to me. Didn't care about anything. Thinking about this started to freak me out. Curled up on a beanbag chair and pulled a blanket over my head..thinking that it would all go away.

Nope. When I pulled off the blanket, I wasn't me anymore. Had completely no idea who I was just five minutes ago. I have dreads, and almost made the mistake of cutting them thinking that there were snakes-ropes that had just come out of nowhere..and they felt unhuman - hard to explain. After about twenty minutes of that, it happened again. Only this time I was becoming kin with my dog..the level of communication with my dog was so intense that I was literally on all fours running around the house with my dog playing tug o war. I thought that is what life is..you change and then you die. Went out into my room turned off the light and crawled into bed (casket) thinking light is good and dark is bad, light is Life and darkness is Death. I guess you had to be there. If anyone has been to that point let me know.

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