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Where am I going?

Well the start of the day seemed great for mushroom tripping.

Well the start of the day seemed great for mushroom tripping. My brother and I were going to trip for the first time together, as well as me and numerous other close friends. There were 7 of us in all, with the exception of my brother Reg and this girl Kim.

We started off by going to fast food joints and grabbing food for everyone's different taste in foods, normally this would be redundant and stupid but we were so excited about tripping we didn't mind. Each of us sat down with 4 grams of mushrooms and began to just eat them raw. I find that eating them raw just gets the whole process out of the way, whereas making tea is a hot drink I will have to sip at for awhile.

The trip started off nonchalantly with all of us sitting on the couch and talking. I began to talk jibberish about how I didn't like corners cause they hurt when I hit them with my head. In fact I took a stand against them and decided that I would like to build a house with inverted corners. Apparantly I was a non-stop chatterbox about random topics that were pointless and made no sense. My friend Wayne described me as the chattering teeth that wouldn't stop.

Indoors was fun but it began to feel like the air was dirty so I went outside and sat on the porch ready to smoke a cigarette. I lit one up and watched how the smoke made curious kaleidoscope designs as I blew smoke. I began to think about life in general and I began to think too much. I wanted to know what everyone's trip was like but the outside was just too enviting, though it was raining I had a roof over me outside and it was comfortable out.

Apparantly I went inside and went downstairs where my bro and Wayne were just sitting dumbfounded at distortion on their guitars, I unplugged the noise since it was unsettling where I received a hefty "PLUG IN THE NOISE" from Wayne who was enjoying his noise apparantly.

I began to feel sick and just wanted to get outside again so I did. I loved the feeling except I felt wet although I wasn't, since I did have this feeling before and I toweled my hands which did not take the wet feeling away. Sitting outside I began to believe that my life really was mushrooms and that everything else was a false reality. This scared me immensely but I couldn't stop thinking about it.

My mind kept thinking that my parents did not exist, that I was simply a wandering product of a lifeform taking mushrooms time to time. I lost track of time, and felt that I really was living a fake life like in the matrix, and the only way to get to the real life was to take mushrooms. This is how I got to feeling that my parents were just actors in my old life, as well as the fact that I had to go to university in the fall. I wanted to revolt but how, how could I, I was just one person

I still felt sick now, worse then ever and I went and threw up my mushrooms safely in the bathroom. This was about 4 hours into my trip but I still felt that I was stuck in an imaginary life. My friends and my brother had to calm me down since I wanted to phone my parents and tell them I was on to their little game and things were going to be different. Imagine getting a phone call from your son asking if you exist at that moment, and asking if life was a sham

Once my friends calmed me down I began to see some nice visuals, but none that were really intense. Simply the matrix numbers were falling all over the place in the room. My body still felt wet, something I wanted to change so I kept a towel with me constantly wiping my hands. I walked to the front room and tripped over the hide a bed in the couch, apparantly I landed awkwardly, or the couch was old or something, since I thought the arms fell off. I began to freak out but my friend told me the arms were just cushions, close call indeed

My trip began to die down and we smoked a couple of bowls to relax us and had a couple home made beers to go along with it. Why did my mind shift into this false sense, well here's a tip, Total Recall can really mess with your mind when you think too much!!

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