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What's that smell?!

This happened a while ago, but anyways.

This happened a while ago, but anyways...

One night me and my friend had eaten 1/8 of mushrooms each.
We were in his room and we just gobbled it all up at once,
washed it down with some OJ. So we're sitting around just
sitting to music, completely forgetting about injesting any
drug. Well about 30-40 minutes later, I'm looking at this
art book, it was some airbrush paintings by H.R. Giger. I
looked at my friend and I was like "This isn't a pop-up
book." And he was like "yeeaaahhhhhh.." We both started
laughing hysterically for god knows how long. I couldn't
tell you if it was 10 seconds or 10 minutes. But we were
laughing so hard and we couldn't stop. I don't even know
what we were laughing at.

But for the next 5 hours we literally couldn't move. It was
so intense, waves of energy kept bubbling over me, pulling
me down to the ground. I was laying on a couch and my friend
was sitting on the bed but it seemed like were sinking into
a big ocean of colors. I looked up and his Christmas lights
that were hanging from the ceiling were dripping down onto
me like octopus tentacles. My friend was trying to say how I
had 6 eyes, and that he had turned into a midget. But
everything that came out of my mouth was simply mush, I
couldn't constuct a whole sentence. it was just a series of
grunts and garbles. My body was all over the room, libs just
flooding to where ever the energy wanted to take them. The
music was trippy and intense. Pure Evil, I thought...

Finally my friend uttered "I think we took too much." So you
know the old wives tale about how potasium makes you come
down off psychedelics? Well, he decided to go down stairs
and get some bananas. He was gone for quite a while and I
was trying to figure out what happened. So I go outside but
then get side tracked by the bathroom. I walk into the
bathroom and I look at the toliet bowl and it seems to have
shruken to the diameter of a cereal bowl. Aiming VERY
carefully, I take my piss then when I'm done I look into the
mirror and my face no longer defines the properies of a
"solid". Out of control... Gets too intense looking at
myself so I turn away, go back into the room, and there's my
friend sitting on the bed with 2 bananas and 2 apples. "The
fruit was talking to me. The apples were complaining about
them being left behind. So I brought some apples." This was
crazy. Here we were trying to eat some bananas, but we had
completely forgot HOW to eat them. I am surprise we peeled
them right. I kept trying to aim the banana into my mouth,
but the fucking thing kept rotting before my eyes before I
could get the damn thing in. The banana keep getting all
over my hands, all pasty. we were having troubles. I put the
banana down.

Finally, we came down little after little. At around 4 in
the morning, we fell asleep. The next morning, this guy we
knew who showed up unexpectedly, walks in and we've got
bananas in our hair, banana peels everywhere, and this
HORRIBLE stench in the air. Probably from our sweat. "What
the fuck is that smell???!" Is the first thing he said when
he walked in the room. It was definately the

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