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what the fuck

so yesterday i had a 8 hour time out off house arrest and decided to take an eighth of p.

so yesterday i had a 8 hour time out off house arrest and decided to take an eighth of p.cubensis and so did my friend. my dealer had told me these are some hitters, so i was highly anticipating the trip. i was in an extremely good mood, happy to be out of the house and shroomin for the first time in a couple months with my best friend i havent kicked it with for a while. we walked to a local bike trail and went to our secret spot we call stonehenge and we were gonna only eat 3/4 of the 1/8 and see how we felt but said fuck it and ate them all at once. didnt taste too bad, i dont know what all the fuss is about.
wow, just wow. just popped them shits in my mouth, chewed em for about 4 minutes, and sat there and waited. when it hit, it fucking hit. insanely kaleidascope(sp?) vision, and when i closed my eyes it was WAY intense (not that it wasnt intense with em open). i kept getting insane deja vu, and so did my homie at the exact same time. the last time we were on shrooms ( ~2 mos ago) i remember us going to the local highschool and this model girl we use to go to school with sang the national anthem and was good until it got to "rockets bursting in air" then she got all pitchy and they cut her off short. well this time THE SAME EXACT THING HAPPENED. same girl, same song, same school. this was about 1 hr after we first took em so we were peaking our asses off. this was so weird because the same exact thing happened when we were on shrooms previously. then we realized we were doing the same exact thing we were doing last time, we went the same place, saw the same people in specific places, saw the same awkward looking asians walking by us looking at the ground, went down the same trail. then i suggested going to our other friends house but we both agreed not too because we did last time and we didnt want to be so predictable. then we walked across a busy street, stood on the other side just staring, then walked 3 feet to the right and stopped, went left for about 15 feet, turned left again for about 10 feet, stared some more, walked back across the street to the trail, decided we already did that, stood there for a couple minutes, pocketed a tennis ball, walked back across that street. walked over the bridge over the creek, went back over the bridge, sat in the park for 20 seconds, walked back over the bridge, walked by some crazy looking cats, saw a cop drive by and almost shit myself, tried to figure out where to go, all the while kept sayin "whats with the ____ " and other hilarious random-ass comments, tried to figure out why people are just alive and why life is so boring, walked next to a busy road, decided that was dangerous, laughed our asses off constantly, kept talking about how that girl singing the anthem thing DEFINETELY happend last time and UNDOUBtEdLY happened this time, tried to figure out why we are so predictable, craved water but when we got some it was unsatisfactory, were scared to go to his house because his dad was home, went anyway turned out he wasnt home, messed with his cool ass mom, laughed our asses off some more, and basically did countless insanely funny things there until the day turned to night. when we were there we spent time chillin in a very odd part of his backyard where we dont usually chill, spent probably 1/2 hour in his bathroom cuz it was bright and there were fish on the wall. this entire trip we couldnt stop laughing and i dont think i was ever not smiling. the visuals this time were just soo sooo sooooo outstanding both oe and ce. the oevs and cevs almost looked like countless eyes staring at us interwoven in geometrical patterns and diamonds and triangles. everything was soooooooooooo cartoony and colors seemed to be a little different and definetly brighter. we realized how weird most humans are and how humans are just animals just like all other life, except we are somehow hella smart, but we also like to think we are smarter than we are. there is really only a high level of knowledge in a group of people, most single people are more or less stupid. i came up with the hilarious idea to get the pipe and smoke anything we could find, and we laughed at that idea for atleast 5 minutes. i have a new analog watch and trying to figure out what time it was was sooo complicated. i would stare at it for 5 min and finally hed remember he has a cell phone and whip it out. basically, if this wasnt the best trip ive ever had, it was very very very close. awesome awesome awesome.

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