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Ok i think this may be hard for me to write because as you all know im not that good with my english skills.

Ok i think this may be hard for me to write because as you all know im not that good with my english skills...
But last night my self, Lee, Matt and Mark had some Qubensis mushrooms we brought 3 packs(35g each-£10.99) with CREIT CARDS....I never thought i would be able to say that i purchased drugs with a fucking CREDIT CARD but we did...We got home and waited for Mark to arrive to get the night a going...Once Mark came round i spent 30 mins or so getting my self ready for the taste(not a good taste).I found that if your a pussy like me and the thought of the taste makes you feel sick then cutting them up into little bits to swallow with a mouth full of water its much easier...So we after all of this we had all had half a pack each(17.5gm)it was 9:30pm we decided to try and keep a record of things to make writing this easier but we didnt the paper said.
Short Matt arives gone to get Weed(no time) so it was usless..
But any way back to the point...After feeling sick for 30mins i began to notice the light headed fuzzyness coming on...
We sat about a bit listening to music and chattoing as we would normally.Then some time after this we went for a walk and they were begining to take effect no visuals but a slight eliment of confusion was beging to take hold..Keeping track with what other people were saying and doing began to get harder and i think we all noticed this at the same point.
We walked around a few streets and went and sat int he dip at the bottom of my street.We was there for a while and things began to get more defined and different both visably and emotionaly.We were sat about mat was staring at the floor laughing.When we all suddenly heard a group of kids coming towards us and seeing as everytime this happens we usally end up having trouble i quickly picked up my stuff and started walking off the FEAR hit me big at this point and i barely stopped all the way home...but the fear didnt stop when i got home it kept on getting worse but for no obvious reason...We sat about again listening to 3EB but it was making it worse so i turned it off whihc didnt go down to well and i was starting to freak the other out so i came up stairs to sit by my self for a while and relax in my room whihc i had set up with a red and yellow light on either side of the room with a quilt ont he floor and pillows on my bed(for relaxing purposes).And listened to some ambient songs the only 1 that really worked was Boards of canada-Thje devil is in the details...After this song had finished i felt great and the visuals were begining to become more obvious.I went back down stairs to join the other who were also having fun at the effects..My brother and his mate had come home too and they were trying there hardest to freak us out but it seemed to be the other way round....After this point it went crazy agian a lot of us asking WHAT? and HOW? in varioius places...Later we came back upstairs again to my room and we sat about listening to more ambient music and watching the nice visual shows.I remember getting up and going for a piss.At this point i felt a bit uncomfortable in my own house..Like we were using it and not being greatful...But that passed as soon as i realised that the rules had flew out the window....ALL THE RULES.this happened at the same time i was thinking it might be nice to have a bath..So i did i grappeed some towels and sat in the bath put loads of shower gel/bubble bath in and sat there with the shower hose filling the batrh up. I sat there watching the bubbles expand and watch, the bubbles fighting my legs and winning well i think they since my legs began to disolve, i also watched the celing patterens create strange shades of blue and green and then merge with the walls....I noticed while in the bath how much of a personal thing this drug is...NO ONE else can see what you can but then again this happens everyday and we dont even notice that....Just because the description is the same doesnt mean it looks the same.....The size could be different for each person but the size of everthing(may make this make more sence later).But anyway....
I was sat in the bath untill i got bored of watching the simular things.At this point i noticed that this drugs needs to be kept active sitting in one place is nice but theres an infinate world contained with in a single house,So i tried to see as much of it as i could.
I went downstairs to join the others..MOST OF THE NEXT PART IS A MESS OF IDEAS/MEMORYS...the parts i do remember are sitting about in different rooms noticing that if the room gets boring just look down and around a bit and its like a fresh coat of paint it all changes.
Ok then aT some other point we were sat in the front room watchin mat writing some message..THere were two lines in elfish(from lord of the rings) i cnat remember what it said but mat claimed he had no control over writing it....Soon after that Mat(short mat) came round and we seemed to swarm and hurl speach at him for a few mins before getting int he car and heading off for weed......Mark was saying that the drug had warn off by this point but for me it was still flowing around my mind at a high pace....Brain working over time but not going anywere like the whle trip...Just a fast flowing mess of ideas and thoughts which seem to get you in cycles whihc seem to last forever but change each time....Most of the time i found my self getting what was happening but as soon as i tried to rethink it or put words to it.It became a new cycle about the same thing..THe trip to get the weed was interesting not much happend but im sure it did..We got the weed and had a smoke but it seemed to get really stoned for a few seconds then not again but i must admit that i could tell i was getting stoned due to my eyes feeling it..We got back and started to build a few joint while i spilt the last 35g of mushrooms for short mat to have half and me lee and mat to share what was left...The other mushrooms were on there way out i think but i hadnt noticed them stop..But then again you dont notice them start they just do in a slow upcoming that seems to just happen at some point when your not expecting it the come down is the same just suttle things that gradually put you back down to earth.So we had about a 1/6th of them each and Mat(short) had 1/2. The time would have been 1-2am i think beeing as Short mat finished woprk at 12:30.So that time seemed right.
Ok these other mushrooms gave it a twist i think..I can remember a few things that happened before we hit limbo(to be explained later)Me and short mat was watching some visulisations on winamp and i must say no matter how slow they were they were good extra merging and twists to the already random patterns emerging...Short mat shouted that he saw some horses jumping accros the screen...My back ground on my pc was moving at a slow pace in a unexplainable pattern that seemed to change all the time but there was still a pattern there.We went backdown stairs exept Mat(tall one) who went ot bed.We sat smoking and keeping ourself amused by talking and smoking.Lee was about to goto bed but i managed to talk him out of it by saying that it was getting intence again and that sleeping was not an option..So we sat up willing to sit it off and make the most of this.So we began got some tea in and watched stime speed up so that an hour passed in the blink of an eye then watch it slow down to a claw were 10 mins felt like a life then speed back up to a blink again...Sleep deprivation was begining to kick in but i didnt feel tired just dead...The last visual thing i noticed was lees face turning into a picasso style image with all feature randomly moved around his face.I could figure out what was/had happened to short mats face but it wasnt as i usually see it.By six am it had got to the point were i was wishing it hadnt done the second lot as i wanted to sleep but even when i closed my eyes it ws as if i hadnt.So we took some morphine which came from.....I have no idea but we had some which i could feel straight away making me feel sick but relaxed at the same time..We then made our way upto my room short mat didnt i dont think.I got into my quilt on the floor and lay there smiling with an empty head for the first time in 10hours my brain had slowed down to crawl.I woke up at 11am after about 5hrs sleep that seemed to make no difference.the confusion had stopped and become some what normal.One thing we did work out was during limbo muy brain went from being a fast mess of some what logical thoughts to a mush of emotions and idea were trail of thoughts had no structure and talking was becoming hard but funny...
I hope this made sence to yourselfs...I wont proff read it as i will start again and then repeat.
There is so much which has been missed by accident/on purpose and just simply cant be put in words...
Whats next??
Will any one ever understand what happen and put it in small manageable peices for us to understand or to understand do we have to confuse our selfs even more by experiencing new things/idea on this "DRUG"
May be next it could be mushrooms+salvia, mushrooms+pills i dont know but untill it does the idea remian....A mess of understanding and toatal confusion in one.
Although i seemed to keep on saying it was like taking a few pills but with eye food..the body feeling was and wasnt like pills....
Makes for a good night stuff going to spain for £500 just £10.99 worth of mushrooms and a few days of asking WHY? and WHAT?....The only think i cant say for sure that i would do again but i know i will.

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