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what is tripping?

You have to understand that tripping is a strange and beutiful thing.

You have to understand that tripping is a strange and beutiful thing. But is it not the same as any other drug? Does it not do effect the brain as any other drug would do? Or perhaps it is something more then just a drug. I've tried to understand what the mushroom really does to your head. But it's very hard to study when one is under the power of the mushroom. Over time I've gained new insights and have been able to see beauty in things that I haven't seen before. It seems that I think all the time, even if I think about the syntax of things; it seems important to me.

Personally I think shrooms make you use a part of your brain you have not used before or in a very long time(childhood). But I've also noticed that it slows the part of your brain that you use in everyday life. For example, in one of my many trips I took 5 grams of mushrooms at sat down in front of the t.v. When I reached just past the peak of my trip the people on the screen just started to say "globy-glob-blob-glob-bob" instead of using language. Here I was able to deduce that my brian was so slow it coundn't even comprehend basic words.

but it's also odd in the fact that ideas can race through your head so fast but you can't seem to grasp them. For example, tying a shoe while tripping can take me up to 5 minutes sometimes. And not just because I have poor dexterity but because I'm thinking about so many other things, it's imposible to foucus on the task at hand.

Anyway, I just wanted to get that out of the way so everyone knows how I feel about tripping ect....and on with the story!!!:

On a nice summer day, I had in my possesion a
6 gram bag of shrooms. It was my day off so I decided to utilize my time and trip my head off. Personaly I can take the taste of shrooms, I really don't think they are that bad
My method of consumption cause a faster but more intense trip. I grind the shrooms up in a coffe grinder, almost down to a fine powder. Then I pretend that the shrooms are chewing tobacco and put them in my lip and suck. You would be suprised how little six grams can look after you put it in a coffe grinder.

I have been fortunte enough to live in the country for 12 years. It is very peaceful, especially in the summer. So I took a walk outside on one of our paths, our forest is like a tropical forest, IT'S HUGE! Anyway I found a spot to lye in the shade, surronded by very tall trees. After awhile the shrooms begin to kick in YEAH! With all the green around everything started to morph. When I was really into the trip I pretended that The trees were the grass and I was A little bug, and each time the sun got covered with a cloud It thought it was a giant foot stepping on me, It was fucking cool, this last until the sun went over the hill and I was in consent shade. So I walked to the stream that wasnt't to far away. I put my legs in the water and lyed on the banks. My god it was so peacful, I could have died right there and not even have noticed. I fell asleep there On the the banks of the stream, what a buetiful sleep I had.

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