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What dreams may come

Having been shrooming for a few years now I felt it was time I attempted to get to a level 5 experience.

Having been shrooming for a few years now I felt it was time I attempted to get to a level 5 experience. Although I may have not reached a true level 5, I got to experience glimpses of what it could be like through an intense level 4.

On our second day of camping me and about 5 friends decided to trip on mushrooms. Me and my closest friend there decided we wanted to trip hard, everyone else seemed to just want a slight enjoyable trip. After munching down probably around 5 grams each, our friends seemed very concerned that we were crazy. I explained to them that I was aware of what I was doing and that I could handle it.. That was my first mistaken thought of the night.

We took the mushrooms around 7pm, and in only about 5-10 minutes I knew this was going to be a strong trip, my body was already responding to the mushrooms and my visuals were noticable after only 15 minutes. The first thing I noticed was the swaying trees across the river were like an oil painting, in fact a lot of what I saw I could relate to that movie "What dreams may come."

I noticed my friend "Craig" was also getting hit hard quickly, he seemed very excited about it at first, but then after it became pretty intense he started to worry. He pulled me away from our seats and I walked with him, he kept telling me he didn't feel right.. I think that was an understatement, after watching him puke I realized that he might need a sitter to help him out, but I was way to high to be of any assistance.. In fact at first I was admiring the pretty colours of his vomit, while he called for me to help him..

Then my first bit of worry, I noticed a ringing in both my ears and I felt as if I was about to black out. I managed to lay down on the grass and keep concious (nearly reaching level 5). Then after looking at the sky I noticed just how incredibly high I was, the trees were in fractal shapes, the sky was moving like a swirl... In fact when I was laying down I was very confused as to if I was sitting, standing or laying down... Even when a few friends walked over I couldn't decide..

After handling this original kick in the ass by the shrooms I seemed to gather some control back, so I walked back to the campfire and placed myself in my lounger chair. I sat there for what seemed to be an eternity watching as my friends mutated into freakish mutants, plain faces like the ones on the Pink Floyd The Wall movie, and seeing just vivid and incredibly entertaining visuals from the trees, grass, river and the mountain. I managed even to talk a little bit, but more often than not I was unable to make any conversation...

Then it became dark, and it was like a ton of bricks hit me. No longer did I see all the distractions of my surroundings in light, now I had to deal with an incredibly high brain and its imagination going wild.. I felt like my mind was no longer attached to my body, while sitting in my chair I kept grabbing my legs to make sure they were still attached. I then lost complete control of my body, I couldn't tell if I needed to pee or not.. Then I was sure that I was pissing myself, so I got up and walked away. After touching myself for a wetspot I realized I had just imagined it. But my body was not under my control anymore, I realized that going to pee was important at this moment, but I couldn't figure out how to do it..

So I layed down and then started to see some incredibly intense visuals, the tree leaves all had eyes, they were swaying rythmicly and the clouds were all dancing for my enjoyment.. I saw kalaidescopes in the sky, and then just like someone turned a switch the stars came out. Then I got distracted again by the fear that I was pissing myself, so I got up and walked away to go pee, this walk was nothing short of incredibly hard.. I must have looked quite ridiculous as I walked towards the trees. I thought the ground beneath me would take me since I felt everything was an oil painting.

I managed to fumble and pull out mr happy, I then realized I couldn't tell my body to start peeing, so I just waited and it seems somehow my body figured it out.. The pee turned into flowers as it hit the ground, and for some reason after I stopped peeing my body felt like it was still going. It was a very uncomfortable feeling not knowing if you had to go, or even if you could avoid pissing yourself.

After I finished this, I decided to walk back, I felt absolutely like I was about to die, I remember thinking I was about to cease to exist, I walked over to a camper to make sure it was real. I then managed to stumble near the campfire again, but this time away from direct sight of my friends. I kept seeing them morph into some interesting things, so I felt safer laying where I was.. At this point I become concerned. I felt as if I was going to dissapear, that I would never return to what I was. In fact after a while I couldn't remember what was normal, I tried to remember who I was and I couldn't.. I never was freaking out, I somehow kept the fear down to a concern, when people looked over I always gave them the thumbs up even though I was far from OK :)

I started to punch the ground and I was sure that I was beginning to morph with the ground.. Any time someone came over I asked, am I OK, and they always said you are totally fine, I never believed them :) .. I figured it was smart for me to get to a safe place, so I managed to get myself o my tent, there I layed down on my airmattress and covered myself up with a blanket.

My time in the tent was my most intense, I was grappling with reality like I never new was possible, I wasn't sure if I was real, I definately wasn't sure if the tent was even real. I kept touching my body to make sure it was still attached, I kept trying to figure out who I was and if I would ever be normal...And of course I was trying to figure out the images I saw in the dark. I can see now what people mean by the differences of daytime trips and nightime trips.. The visuals in the daytime keep your mind from delving into its imagination, but when darkness takes over you and your mind are all thats left and boy can it become intense.

Finally after about 6hrs of tripping incredibly hard my friend joined me in my tent, he started the long ardous task of brining me back down to reality.. It probably took about 1hr of talking to me to get me somewhat grounded, I was incredibly confused and everytime I looked at my friend he was morphing into a gorilla from planet of the apes.. I found that rather funny, but the wise gorilla was definately helping.

Well thats pretty well it, there was lots more that I could hardly try to explain, I felt a global conciousness, I saw incredible things when I closed my eyes, I for some reason felt there was all these beings waving at me when I had my eyes closed. There is so much to explore in your mind, I feel like I've just peeked inside my mind, I plan to jump in that door in the future to see what dreams may come.


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