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First Trip

So, I just had my first trip.

So, I just had my first trip. My friend had half 1/8 and I had a little more on ritz crackers, which definetly helped the taste, and then went outside to smoke two bowls. Thirty minutes later we come back in and at this time I'm mostly just stoned but I'm starting to see some stuff. Not long after my friend starts playing Geometry Wars on Xbox and things go crazy. While he's playing we're both dancing to the music and running around his basement. Then memory loss kicks in as I try to call a friend because when I try to find my wallet to get his phone number I end up forgetting what I am looking for. This leads to a cycle of me yelling to my friend that I'm gonna call someone, getting up off the couch, going to another room to find my wallet, and coming back to tell him I didn't know what I was doing. And that happened prob 5 times or more. Sadly, the trip ended badly when my friend was asleep and I was left to ponder my thoughts while the Sci-fi channel was on. But now I'm back home ready to trip this upcoming weekend, but make sure that I have something to do the whole time and scary science movies are not on.

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