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what a real trip is like

I'm writing this because im fed up with all of the bullshit reports i've been reading lately.

I'm writing this because im fed up with all of the bullshit reports i've been reading lately. I've tripped twice and Im going to trip tomorrow. Both times I have eaten an eighth. Im not sure what species, but the were grayish brown with blue on them. They taste pretty bad but if you drink oj, youll be fine. about 5 minutes after you eat them, you get a certain feeling. Its definately not tripping or even being high, just a certain "uneasyness." As time goes on this
"uneasyness" gradually increases. After about 20 to 30 minutes, you will start feeling the effects. you will have slightly confused thoughts and things will look different. They are not yet moving but something is definately happening. For instance, when I tripped, I looked at the ground and you couldnt see anything different really; it wasnt moving but it looked like something was moving through it.
Then things start actually moving. Not a lot. Its more like Swirling. For instance, the lines in the bark of a tree will start moving like a river. Grass will grow, but not get any longer, just sway. Clouds swirl into odd designs and shapes. Things mainly just Breathe, sway, and swirl. All in a calm relaxing manor that is beautifull. However, your thoughts are quite confused and you dont really know what to do. There is a sense of emptiness in you. You become confused and this can be irritating cause you feel as if something is needed; something is missing. The best thing to do is to just lay down, relax and concentrate on the visuals. This will make the trip much better. Also, I find it better to trip during the day when everything is bright. I get better visuals in the light as opposed to the dark.

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