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what a night/morning!

My friend and I popped about 8 grams together and went to the beach with a sober friend to watch us.

My friend and I popped about 8 grams together and went to the beach with a sober friend to watch us. It was 9:00 PM and most people were already inside their houses. I was talking to my sober friend about war and all of a sudden some green thing started growing on his face. Then, my words felt heavy, slow and colorful. My senses became extremely confused and my mind felt like it split into autonomous organisms that could communicate telepathically about an infinite number of things. Out of nowhere the ocean began to separate into separate layers and the lights from the city seemingly connected with some of the white foam in the water.

It was getting pretty cold so we went back to my sober friend's car. We drove for about an hour and we decided to look for a parking space at the park. I walked to a tree in the park to take a piss and I was mesmerized by the crevices in between adjacent pieces of bark. I tried to focus on the cracks and these long black shapes began to drift closer to my eyes. During this time I lost perception of reality and forgot that I was on shrooms. We got back in the car to start driving again and trees on the sides of the street began arching over the street to connect with each other. And, red, yellow and black cannabis leaves were morphing into some kaleidoscopic thing in the corners of my eyes.

We stopped at a Carl's Jr. and I began to focus on the inside of the car. I was staring at the air-conditioning vents and they started talking to me in some deep, dark language that I couldn't comprehend. At that moment I decided that I had to get out because the car was making my extreeeeemely nervous. So, my friend waited for me in the car while I stepped out. I turned around to look back, and a car that was pulling into the drive-thru shone its headlights at me. The light had a rainbow glow and somehow it consumed me in a warm rainbow orb, so I stood there absorbing the warmth until it drove away. I had drunk so much water on the car-ride over that I had to piss again, next to a pine-tree this time. The pine branches started to sprout new leaves as I was pissing, so I ran back to the car after I was done. My friend said something to me and it came out as some deep voice but I could hear it like it was a voice in my inner ear.

We then went back to my friend's house. We asked him if his parents were asleep and he responded with something none of us understood. He started making clicking noises and that kind of scared me because I thought he forgot how to talk or something. My sober pal took the door key from him and we walked stealthily into the house. So, until 3:00 AM I was thinking about him not being normal again. I started imagining a situation where he would tell his parents that he needed to go to the hospital and after that I would be held responsible and I would have to go to jail. At 3:00 AM he snapped out of it and came back to normal (thank god), so my worries were over.

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