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What a Night

My friend Dave and I were hanging out one summer night, smoking a blunt like we do almost everyday when we both get out of work.

My friend Dave and I were hanging out one summer night, smoking a blunt like we do almost everyday when we both get out of work. We met up with one of his friends, Jeremy, and he started talking about mushrooms. During the whole summer, shrooms were one thing that I definitly wanted to try. My friends told me how great it was and how much fun you have. I asked Jeremy if he really could get them. I was so excited to try them and I couldn't wait.

When the "delivery man" came and gave me my shrooms, I immediatly called my friends and asked what to do and expect. They told me to eat it with something,so I went to the store with Dave and Jeremy and bought a root beer. I smoked with them and dropped them off. I was already high when I got home, so I waited half an hour to eat the shrooms.

I waited about two hours and still didn't see of feel anything. I was home with my sister, who is 16, one year younger than I am. She doesn't do anything except drink, and she basically labeled me as being a pot head. I ate the whole eighth to my self and just sat and waited. After the long wait, I decided to go to bed seeing as how I got some fake shit. I started falling asleep, then I heard something at the door. I was staring at the TV when I opened my eyes, and then it hit me. The TV started slowly floating up. I jumped up and decided to go down stairs and enjoy shit. It was so funny because I couldn't stop laughing for no apparent reason. My sister kept on ignoring me and so in the back of my head, I felt like I was a ghost and no one could see or hear me. I came up with this crazy idea that I was trapped in a video game and had to defeat a lion, a tree, and the magic wizard in order to go back to the real world. When I defeated the wizard, i fooled myself into thinking he would have the magic pin to pop this magic bubble in my living room so everyone could once again see and hear me. I seen this bubble in my living room, surrounding the whole room, and my sister was totally ignoring me, not saying one word or looking over, so I really convinced myself that I had to do this if I wanted to live in the real world again.

I don't know how or why I came up with these crazy ideas, so I decided to go outside and start this weird ass journey. It was like 2 o'clock in the morning, and I'm running around this huge tree in my backyard, throwing rocks at it, trying to "defeat it." The tree was looked totally different. It looked to me like a cartoon, or something like the tree in the Kirby games for super nintendo. I grabbed the rake and started beating the shit out of it. Before I knew it, I was punching the tree, getting all scarred up and scratched up.

After practically almost beating up me own ass trying to hurt the tree, I could not stop laughing and kept running around in circles in my back yard. For some reason I kept looking up at the sky, trying to jump into space. I kept trying to grab the moon and eat it.

I was starving and filled with energy so I decided to drive to 7-11. My car was a stick shift, and it was definitly not the smartest thing to drive while on shrooms. When I was driving, my whole inside of my car looked differently. It felt like I was in this sweet ass car, driving like 50 when I was only doing 30. My odometer even looked like it was that of a race car.

When I walked in, I started chuckling and giggling and walked to the slurpee machine. I must have stood there for 2-3 minutes just looking at the machine. The guy probably got freaked out, being that it was like 3 AM and some goof walked in and was just standing there. When I got to the register, I just kept my head down because I couldn't help laughing so hysterically. Then I left and drove home.

When I got home, I just went into the backyard, sharpened sticks and grabbed a bunch of pebbles and rocks and put them in my pockets. I tried to eat a small rock to see what it tasted like. After grabbing a bunch of useless shit, I looked down at the ground and it looked like it was eating me. It was pretty dark out, but for some reason it reminded me of lava or quick sand.

I stayed looking at the ground for like half and hour, waiting for the lion to come so i could fight him. I think it was just pretty sweet laughing at the ground which looked like it was eating me. I just kept on waiting and waiting, so finally, I drove to a different store because I didnt want to go back to 7-11. I grabbed something to eat, and on the way back, decided to go to 7-11. It was so great. I walked into 7-11, went up to the same old guy, and said "Hey, I just drove over here to say 'hi'." I don't even know the guy.

When I got home, I sat on the couch, and gave up on my life because I didn't want to finish the video game that i was trapped in. I felt like a failure because I didn't even find the wizard or even kill the lion. I just kept staring at the wall for an hour, watching it turn into all kinds of crazy colors and shapes. I just found it to be funny staring at what I called the most boring art and just having the funnest time looking at it.

When I ran out of energy to do anything, I smoked another blunt and shit started coming back. I pretty much started seeing the table and all kinds of shit in my living room morphing into the Simpsons characters. I kept seeing Bart and Homer for some reason. The table grew legs and I kept feeling like I was shrinking.

After staring at practically nothing for 2 more hours, I slowly fell asleep. I only got like 1 hour of sleep before I had to be to work. When I got to work, everything seemed normal and I felt fine. But it was cool because I could look at the ceiling and it started waiving around a little bit. It eventually died down totally, but shrooms are the best thing that ever happened to me because it was such a great time. I definitly will do them again when I have the chance.

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