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What a night

Well it all started with me and my friends going to some party.

Well it all started with me and my friends going to some party. We were looking forward to get high and/or drunk. When we got there there we saw Gilbert. He was saying how he just took some shrooms from the guy in the red hat. We looked around and then decided to do it. We bought three each and in about thirty minutes it kicked in. I started seeing worms inside the walls moving up and down. I tried squishing them, but nothing hapened.

The next thing I remember is going to the table with nachos and saw little faces on the chips. They were singing along with the music. I got so freaked out that I went to the bathroom. When I got there I put some water on my face. It felt like sprinkles on my face. When I looked in the mirror I saw my self in a marine uniform walking on water to a ship. All of the sudden the water was rising and the ship sunk and I noticed that I was still walking on water. I tried diving into the water but I hit something solid. It was like the floor had turned into water. When I looked at my watch, all I saw were zeroes on it. Then I looked back up and the sun and moon were chasing each other making it night then day then night and so on.

Then Missy came up behind me and hugged me. I turned around and then we just started making out. When I closed my eyes, I saw wiggly 3-D things like worms in bright neon colors. When I touched her it felt like my hands were on sandpaper. We must have ben kissing for about 20 minutes strait or something. During this I was feeling something different, it was like I could read her mind. Some feeling gave me the sensation that I was her and me at the same time. When I pulled back I just looked at her and her eyes were swirling over and over again.

I then walked out the door and saw Mike and Mary in the corner sitting down. When I went up to them they were crying. I sat down by them and here comes Missy again. THis time her face started to change shape back and forth. Then I remmeber the music banging in my head like a drum. Missy's head was going along with the music. IT was like a free concert. So I got up and skipped over to the nachos again. They weren't weird this time. But I didn't get any , I just stood there like I was looking at a picture or something. It was so beutiful starring at the table. It was like I could make everything seem so much like a picture. THen I turned around and everything was just still, all the people were just posing for a picture. Then one by one they started dissenegrating into the wind. At this point I'm feeling like I want to kill myself, I wanted to not fell this anymore. Then I ran back to Missy and I ran into something and the next thing I know Im on the flor starring up at a big duck. I closed mmy eyes and then saw the worms again. I ran to the corner and sat with my head between my legs. I closed my eyes and all I could se were the fucking worms going back and forth. This was pretty much the rest of the night. When the peak was over we were in Missy's car and I was just thinking about anything that popped in my head. Little went in though, it wass like I didn't want ot think.

This was the best and worst trip of my life.

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