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what a festival

i went camping to this festival with a load of my mates and on the 3rd night me and my friend decided to get some shrooms we bought 2 trips worth of welsh dried mushrooms and we ate them all.

i went camping to this festival with a load of my mates and on the 3rd night me and my friend decided to get some shrooms we bought 2 trips worth of welsh dried mushrooms and we ate them all. i remeber sitting in my tent with my friend looking at the netting and started getting that empty feeling in my stomache and then i reaslised it was in the post it should kick in anytime soon. i got out the tent and we all started heading up to were the music was and that was it my trip ahd began.

the first thing i reaslised was that i couldnt concentrate anymore and my mind was only full of shit. it started getting dark and all the firestick was about to start so i watched that for a while which was fucking cool then the next thing i reaslise was i could see the pac-mav circuit in front of my vision and people standing behind it i wasnt quite shore what was going on so i went back to camp were my friends were i felt safe down there with my friends i remeber talking to friends in my tent and looking up at the walls i felt like i was in a cloud and that nothing could hurt me it was like i had just entered nirvana it was that nice but i knew we would have to up to the music again which i didnt really mind because music was the key element to my trip.

when we got up to the tent were the music was i started craving a fag but i found rolling impossiable when ever i looked at the skin i couldnt see it probably because of the pac-man circuit in front of my vision so i got one of my friends to it for me i remeber getting really spaced out and thinking about why the lines on my trousers were there i suddlenly reaslised what i was dreding i needed to go for pee and i had know i idea where i was but i knew i ahd to do it so i wonderd of into the festival talking to everyone that walked by i suddelny reaslised that i didnt know where i was and that i had wonderd it some teenagers caravan by mistake and they were all staring at me i quickly jumped out of the caravn and ran into the woods by mistake i started getting really nervous because i was in the woods and i had no idea where i was i quikly took a piss and ran for life towards the music luckly i found tent and i was back with my friends.

i started feeling like i was in someone else body and that the pepole that were on mushrooms knew excactly what i was thinking and the people that were of them had no idea what i was on about. i felt like a commintator when i spoke to my mate that was on mushrooms i felt like me and him had been observing our friends all night and we had been discussing them at this point the pac-man circuit had gone from my vision and i could see clearly but i would also see blue, purple and yellow swirls in the air my trip had felt like it lasted for days i felt like i had been trapped in this reality.

on the comedown of my trip i felt in touch with nature i felt like i knew everything about anything there was not one question i would not be able to answer ever heard of the mind twister how do u explain blue to a blind person i managed to answer that question that night but i will leave it for you to answer yourselve i also felt like i knew everything about the universe as in planets galaxys etc it was excellent but i knew it would be over soon so i had better make the most of it so i went in to the dance tent and danced in there for a bit i never dancing was so revealing when you are on shrooms its like you are the music and then while i was dancing i suddenly reaslised the shrooms were gone and i wasnt tripping anymore so me and my friend went of to find our other friends which had dissaperd at this point only to find that 2 of my friends who hadnt taken mushrooms that night had just eaten aload it was quite fun observing them on there trip lol

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