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What a day... jeezus

†he following is relayed by an idiot/genius FOAF Woke up after approximately six hours of sleep at 7AM.

†he following is relayed by an idiot/genius FOAF

Woke up after approximately six hours of sleep at 7AM. Had
some interesting dreams, but that's beside the point. Drank
two cups of coffee/egg and cheese sandwich, while doing
calc. homework. Went to Chemistry, Calculus, then took an
ephedrine (15mg). Studied for two hours before a kickass
Biology test (I know, I know... Biology is soooooo fucking
boaring/ not really that difficult. I say kickass, because,
as a classmate put it "that was the hardest test I have ever
taken". Fuck that. It was moderately difficult, that's what
you get for being stupid, bitch. My, my, aren't I pissy?
Decided to skip work, and went to a friends house where a
planned trip was to take place with me, my friend and his
girlfriend, and my prospective girlfriend. Once there, I
took 4grams of syrian rue. (an idiot, ephedrine and syrian
rue? Fuck!) then, 30min later, took 3grams cubensis.
Realizing his stupidity, this person was like OOPS/FUCK!!!}
Unfortunately, this person was already starting to feel
FUCKED UP! Hard, hard visuals. Indescribable visuals. Could
not walk a straight line. He decided to call the poison
control center to ask a question. They politely said "who
did this? "My friend" "that is rough. You might need to take
him to the hospital." "how do I tell?" "call a pharmicist
and ask, I have nothing whatsoever in my database on
symptoms of contraindictions" Allright, then. Called
Walgreen's. The pharmicist said if that person is
"sedated, or has a gait walk" then they should go to the
hospital right away, as it was best not to take any chances.
During all of this, this person was getting more and more
fucked up. Threw up a couple of times. Naseau/difficulty
standing. Definate gait walk. Not too sedated at time of
conversation, but that would soon change. Began experiencing
really uncomfortable abdominal pain. Perspiration, flushed/
then pale. Had slight fever. Felt like they had to keep
checking on themselves and say 'breath'. Becoming more and
more incoherent (not really, this person was coherent, but
getting really hard to think stuff over.) Sedation started
getting worse, this person thought they might lose
consciousness. So they finally decided it would "be a good
idea" to go to the hospital. Of course, while this person
was experiencing all of this, he was having a really, really
good conversation with his prospective (naw, fuck that, she
is mine. I love this girl. ;) ) girlfiend. (yeah, this
person thought that they should intentionally mispell that.
And then, they are thinking, why am I babbling about what I
am thinking as I am writing this. I should get back to the
story. Sorry, this was earlier today, and I am still fucked
up.) Once at the hospital, they told me to have a seat. This
person's girl/friend was really upset, and tried to demand a
doctor. This person was barely able to sit up at this point.
The nurse said "he is not going to die in five minutes"
After waiting about a half an hour, called his mom and asked
her what to do. Gave a list a symptoms, said that they told
me to sit down, and she said "go home. You'll be fine. Don't
waste your time at the hospital" This person was starting to
feel a bit more coherent than a few minutes ago already, and
what his mom said just confirmed it. Will be fine, just
hardcore toxicity. Went home. Had a nice headache by this
time. Really, really loved this girl, even though he just
put her through some shit. A million apoligies were given,
but as she said "we are straight" I was forgiven :)
Everybody thought that logical actions were taken in every
case, as the symptoms were quite severe. It was best that
this person went to the hospital, if shit had got worse, it
would have been the right place to be at. Well, my other
friend had taken the same thing. During all of this time, he
could not even understand conversation, light hurt his eyes,
he had to "slow down soooooo much to talk"
I thing he was at 5. Anyways.
Did everybody learn a lesson here today? MAOIs are NOT to be
used by fucking idiot children that deserve a hiroshima type
bomb (nawww, fuck that, hiroshima is childs play) dropped on
they're face.
And hey, please do not give this report a low rating. If
you, no pixisti

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