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Whales on the water

The night had started early.

The night had started early. Meeting up with a couple of friends and planning on a fun filled night of trippin. We went to go meet our hook-up at 7:30 and soon we had a half pound of mush on us. We got a bite to eat and proceeded to our frien'ds house to munch down. I found myself buying a quarter ounce wiht intentions of taking 3 or 4 and saving the rest for another trip. I sat down and began to eat away. After giving a gram to a friend I found myself with an empty bag and a giant grin on my face. About 45 minutes had passed and I began getting a bit giggly. Wandering around my friend's basement aimlessly I walked into a couple of walls laughing while I did. We had put on Dr Dolittle to enhance the mood.After about 20 minutes the screen started to drip and the people were shifting back and forth. We all decided to go get a breath of fresh air. After alking outdoors I looked at a glas door that was up on the side of the house. Everyone there seemed like someone different. 25 minutes had passed and we ventured back into the hous . I was the first one in and walked down the stairs ot see my friend's rabitt looking up at me.. All of a sudden it opened it's mouth and giant teeth stared me straight in the face. I began tripping pretty hard at this point. A rocky horror picture show poster began opening up and a blank white space stared at me. I walked into the tool room and it became a giant cave with holes in the floor and twisting turns and curves. After sitting on the floor rolling around for awhile I picked up a stuffed whale. Interesting as it may be I thought I had fallen into an ocean and the whale was there to save me. I began screaming for a pen and paper after getting one I began writing down what I perceived to be ythe answer to life. The paper read " To acheive a higher state of mind you must first...." I kept on trailing off. By now my mind was a complete marshmellow. I questioned reality and who was there and who wasn't. Come 3 o clock I began coming down but was still trying to figure out what was real and what wasn't. The light bulb above me looked as though it ws attempting to escape from the fixture. By 3:30 I had a quick flashback to my trip and figured out the "meaning to life" It eventually read that "To achieve a higher state of mine you must first put aside your problems". It was a strange night.. With spoons bending in front of my eyes, giant mouthes and killer rabbits. But who can forget being saved by my friend the whale!

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