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weird....and kinda scary

well ive only done shrooms once befor this, A buddy and I decided to take shrooms around 8, 8:30 p.

well ive only done shrooms once befor this, A buddy and I decided to take shrooms around 8, 8:30 p.m.
I said that they should last till around 12 or 1 Am depending on the shrooms, right after we took them we started to walk to a friends house, on our way it was great, it was like the perfect high, everything was so funny and things were starting to "shimmer". What seemed like forever we finnaly arrived at our friends house. We smoked some weed and just tripped out listneing to music. Everything was melting and swirling...Until i felt like the room i was in was the only "world" lets say for a lack of a better word. When the playlist was over we opened the door, and i was blown away it was like a new world, so we decided to walk back home and "explore" we took a very dense path through the forest/swamp...this is when things turned bad real bad...its kinda hard to remember everything but this is what i can piece together, we were walking and we came to a marshy area, (questions were racing through my mind about life at this point), and then i came to the conclusion the everything led to Nazism and couldnt be avoided(i dunno i cant recall my reasoning but it made perfect sense at the time). After that it felt like something kicked me in the stomach, but i "chose" not to feel it, and after that everything I "chose" would happen. At first it was very enlightening, I put my fingers in front of my face and did a pinching back adn froth motion with my index finger and thumb, rubbing them back and forth. and from that, an unlimited source of a flaking substance poured form my fingers. After walking around avoiding the water, and trying to explain the meaning of life to my friends, an how whatever we do all we have to do is think about it and that it is all in our mind (that is where the "choosing" part come in), but they werent able to understand. Then after who knows how long, I accidently stepped in water, this is when everthing went wrong, at this point all i could see was water everywhere and my friends looked like they were walkin on it, but i was too afraid to move, and when i thought about it, it felt like the water was slowly creeping up towards my neck. I finnaly sumed up the courage to keep walking, not thinking about the water. Then one of my friends picked up a large stick, and started swinging it around, it was o.k at first but then turned into a huge hissing black cobra, it scared the shit out of me and all i could say was "stop swingin it around your gunna piss it off", so he threw it away and all I could think of was that snake coming back. We finnaly emerged form the woods onto a highway, not too far from my friends house, when we got back we decided to go to sleep. They were able to fall asleep fine(it was 12:30 around where we predicted), but me, i wasnt able to shut my brain off, all these questions in which i different "voice" lets say would answer them without me even knowing the answer. After that for some reason i came to the conclusion that life was pointless and it wouldnt even matter if i took my own life, this terrified me, because my body wasnt my own anymore, and all i could think off was pointless life. I decided to roll over and close my eyes ignoring the voices....im not quite sure which level this was....185 pound, 17 male

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