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K so it was my first time eating boomers.

K so it was my first time eating boomers. Actually, it was my first time doing a hard drug EVER. I ate a little over a half eighth of some bomb ass shrooms while walking the half a mile from my house to dairy queen. 2 of my friends, Chelsea and Lindsey, were with me and Lindsey was eating some muchrooms too. Within about 15 minutes i started laughing uncontrolibly and doing the craziest shit. We stopped at dairy queen and got our icecream and walked to meet up with some friends who were also tripping at a primary shool near-by. As we were walking i started tripping. All the leaves on the trees turned into pot leaves. Lindsey ran up to me and took my icecream and through it at the ground. I fell to my knees over my spilled ice cream and tears filled my eyes. Then i looked up at the sun and it was the sun from teletubbies, you know the one with the baby face. We continued our walk to the school and the road turned into the yellow brick road from wizard of oz. Chelsea reminded me that i hadnt even peeked yet, which made me happier and more excited. When we got to the school and met up with our friends we walked to some woods that were close and we sat down on the edge of the trees. I looked over at my friend Justin and his face stretched really long and his head turned into a fucking iguana! Then i looked up at my friend Jason and his head blew up into a frog! It was insane! Some guys walked into the woods to smoke a bowl so i followed them. Nick (aka TITTIES) did pacman with his smoke and i watched him for about 10 minutes, then wondered off back to the others. When i got back Lindsey's skin developed tiger stripes and Chelsea's curly hair was slithering snakes. One guy, Ben, was wearing a shirt with Jimi Hendrix playing the guitar and Jimi had jumped outta the shirt and played guitar for me. I sat next to Jason (the frog boy) because the light tan color of his shirt made me feel safe. He asked me to walk with him and Sean to a gas station so i decided to go with. When we got there Jason bought a pop and gave me some of it. The fizz in my mouth felt like pop rocks and i couldnt figure out how to swallow it. When we got back with the others my trip started to calm down and i cant really remember anything else thats worth telling you so shit.. Theres my first trip

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