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Washing the Mind

I would like to first state that I am not what you would call the normal user.

I would like to first state that I am not what you would call the normal user. I basicly had to be taken in kicking and screaming. But the Choice to do Mushrooms is somthing that I made a full choice on. And was that a good choice.

This is trip #3.

There were four of us that went. They were sorceror who was the creator of the wounderfull fungus. There was nark, long time friend of sorceror. Ferrit, the driver of this trip. And I, the author, Gold.

Now this was to be a birthday celibration of sorceror. So we were doing and going to where ever. He wanted to go out to the desert. So after driving for 2.5 hours. That also included stoping by two places to get suplies (Food and Exct...) then when we got there we unload the car and set up camp. This was a awsome location. In a valley the road went up close enough to get to the side of the mountian. And the other mountains were far enough to not be in easy walking or driving distance. But close enough to see them as big piles of rocks. After setting up all of the required stuff we started the ingestion of the fungus. Then for some STUPID/STRANGE reason sorceror wanted to climb up the mountain. And they were climbing up fast. I was starting to feal the effects. It is almost a curse or gift that I have such strong effects with mushrooms.

After we got to the top. There was somthing that we were not exspecting. WIND!!! Nearly galeforce!! And there was a rock taht was calling to be climbed on. So we all stood on the rock and most of the others were having fun by spiting with the wind. Resulting with 50 foot spit wads. Then the full effect was happening. I made friends with the sun. It was a protector giving us the light that we need to live with. (I know that makes sence in normality but it was diffrent then) I could also swear that in the core of the sun was a Eva (Anime reffrence: Neon Gennesis Evangelion) I would also talk to the sun. This was not verbal, but in my mind. Then whenever the wind would stop there would be so much calmness in me that all I felt was pure peace! What bliss.

My friends were freeking out because appearently was saying some things that made it seems I was setting myself up for a BAD trip. As far as I was concerned I was happy as ever. But they were woried. God bless having friends that want to make shure that you are going to have a good trip. The rocks were swirling with colors. Blue Green Red Grey Tan, fuck everything!!! And they were burning into eachother. The paterns were like that of fire!! So good!!!! Then I and sorceror were linking up and seeing the same shet! The catisus and other plant life were making colors for our eyes. It looked exactly like a painting. Looks like that movie about one person going to heaven and his wife going to hell. (What Dreams May Come) I beleave... Then there was a shadow image of what I was seeing was rotating around me. The rest of the visuals could not be adaquatly described with words...... they were just great. The mountains were moving wayyyyyyyy too much to be normal. Yep, we were triping hard!!! Then to calm my self down I layed down I stated to see auras around everyone. The sky was then slamed down to me so that it was one foot from my face. And there were lines between four colors. But they were all sky blue. I could see at one point where there was a shadow from the mountains. There was a desert wave. It was a 3d picture on a 2d plain. As the sun went down, I knew that we were loosing a great friend. When the light was leaving we knew that we had to get to the camp to start the fire, get the flashlites, and GLOWSTICKS (Recomended Toy) walking down was very hadt gravity was acting weird. I would feal normal, standing at a 45 degree angle. That was a long walk down.

Fire was started and everyone was working on glowsticks. Fun Fun Fun Fun toys!!!! Then we broke one in a hole that was in a rock. Pit of blowing goo. More fun Fun fun fun stuff. This stuff is non-toxic right? He He He. Well we then were smoking bowls of green and I was talking to the gemeni twins. Two stars in the sky that was looking on me to decide somthing one was blue one was red. All the other stars were flying around like crazy!!!

Starting to come down now. Gust normal stuff. Then we woke up in the morning. Normality setting itself in. God does it suck coming down. Returning back to the big city. And back to work as usual. But that was a fun 6 hours.

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