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This 8hr trip took place in August of 2005.

This 8hr trip took place in August of 2005.

Me and a buddy of mine went to a friend's house to party one night, and when we got there everyone told us that they had bought some shrooms and that they were on the way. So me and my buddy rolled 2 joints and decided to get high before we took the shrooms. There were about 10 people splitting a full ounce, though it was mostly stems and very few caps. i was given 2 stems and half a cap, so i broke it up into little pieces and sprinkled it onto some pizza. I was told before that shrooms would make me wanna throw up because of the horrible taste, but I couldn't take anything except the pizza.

After about 10 minutes of eating them, I started to experience an intense body-fry. My sense of touch became extremely sensitive and i started to feel anxious about something. A buddy of mine had taken it about 30 minutes earlier than the rest of us, and he started to trip. he was laughing at everything and he would stumble around the house and freak out when he ran into a bush or something random. Half an hour later, my vision started to blur. Colors and patterns on the couch/sofa and paintings on the wall started to swirl and bend, and i remember mumbling to myself trying to make sense of everything as I noticed the colors and patters start to melt and drip onto the white carpet. The house was trashed, beer bottles everywhere, and i found it to be disgusting so i walked into my friend's room and thought i was in heaven. Her room was pink and there was a soft white light on the ceiling and her bed had white laces all around it. I became really calm and tried to soak in what was going on.

I then remembered this cd i had in my car that had a really good pink floyd song on it. I invited 2 other people to listen to it with me in my car. the music started out very eerie, and it make me feel like i was flying through space. I looked through the windshield and noticed that the trees off in the distance looked as if they had a hundred faces on each branch. There were happy faces and angry faces. I then noticed that the trees, the street, and everything outisde started to sway as if it were like water in a bottle and I remember grabbing my wheel and holding on for dear life.

At some point, every person who shroomed that night reevaluated their lives. I started thinking about my life and I could recall every single detail of my life, from birth to present to futre. I started to regret that i hadn't worked harder in my life, but i also didn't care. Me and a buddy decided to roll another J...it took us 25 minutes to roll that J. I went outside and became so confused when I saw the swimming pool and I almost stepped in it thinking it was ice. I fell to the ground and looked up at the sky at the stars and noticed that the sky started convulsing. The stars kept moving around and I couldn't understand where they were going. I concentrated on one particular star, and the more I looked @ it, the closer I got to it. I concentrated so hard that I saw a tear in space, and that I was traveling through a worm-hole, warped blue and white colors all around me, toward that particular star. I was convinced that that star was my destiny in life and that if I could reach it, all my problems in life would be over. My buddy told me the next morning that he saw me reaching with my hands toward the sky. The star, along with my philosophy, was so close, yet so far. I started to miss my parents and wanted to call them and tell them how much i missed them but remembered it was 5am so decided not to. Reality made no sense and I couldn't even recall what reality was like. Time made no sense either, i couldn't grasp the concept of time and what it was suppose to do.

I finally went back inside and by this time the sun was starting to come up. I sat down with a friend and started watching music videos and infomercials, laughing the whole time about how none of it made any sense and that it was so pointless. One of my friends described to me outside while we were smoking that doobie that he felt like he was on top of the world. I agreed with him and realized that i had never felt this good in my life. I went inside to hang out with the my other friends who were watching tv. I got their attention, and told them that we won't be able to do this in 20 years and that we are living life to it's fullest and that we didn't have a care in the world; I hyped it up so much that by the end of my mad sermon, my friends were breathing as if they had just run a mile because they all felt as good as I felt and I only made it sweeter by hyping it up so much. By about 8am, i became frustrated and just wanted the trip to end because I was so tired. I fell asleep on the cold hard kitchen floor, but remembered it being the softest, most comfortable place I've ever slept in. I woke up at 1pm the following morning, still warped but starting to regain a sense of reality. I drove to work and noticed how green the grass was and how pretty the clouds in the sky were. I realized that shrooms had changed my perception on life by showing me how beautiful the world is and how much i take everything for granted because i worry about other petty problems in my life.

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