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War of the dogs

The day of the great "War of the Dogs" started out just like anyother.

The day of the great "War of the Dogs" started out just like anyother. I had woken up from a wonderfull night of lucid dreams, I was awoke by the sound of my phone ringing.
It was my good freind Chad (now at this point I had only taken acid and smoked pot). "Larry" he said, I have some shrooms, get your ass over here".

Of course I jumped in the shower, got dressed and drove over.

On the way there I was not sure as to what to expect of a shroom trip, I was almost sure it was like a acid trip so I thought "no big deal".

After I arived we (Chad and I) bullshitted for awhile and smoked a joint or two. Enough was enough i though, "pull out the shrooms I said."

He pulled out a bag, oh i would say a 8th, my mind begain to wonder about what would happen. We begain to eat the long dried mushrooms. I desided to add some brownies to the mix as the mushrooms tasted like shit, it helped.

(Now, for some reson i dont remember what happend between the time i started to eat them and when i started to trip.I imagine i ate a lot of them)

We drove over to Chads brothers house, (at this point im starting to trip, im seeing trails off my hands and the light posts)

His brother had a dog, im allergic, so I started to have problems breathing, so i desided to take a drive to get some more pot. About halfanhour later I relised I had not even left the drive way. The whole time i was looking at my steering wheel. After i relised i had not left I desided i should not drive.

I just sat there in my car for awhile looking at people, my freind came out , after a good laugh at me for sitting there in the car for almost an hour, we drove, (he drove) to get us some pot. When we arived, at what seemed to be allday but more like 10 minutes, He said somthing about he would be right back,i could hardly understand him, he left.
Now mind you the guy we went to get pot off of loves to chat your ass off when you comeover.

I sat in the car looking at how wonderfull a can of pepsi is. All of a sudden my freind came back, now it seemed like he was gone for maby 1 minute but he had told me he was in there for 2 hours, he said he went to the car but i wasnt in it, now im sure i didnt leave but... I also looked at the clock, it was two hours later.

I started to get more lucid at this point.
We went back to his house, we set in his living room and watched a little warlock, (now thats a kick ass movie).
We moved in to his bedroom to smoke a little pot. (I sat on the floor, now he has very detailed carpet, it has a lot of colors and shapes, so keep that in mind).
I happend to look down at the carpet and i saw it moving a little, no big deal it happends all the time when im on acid, but as i look longer i started to see little dogs wearing mid-evil armour and halding brandstocks (spears, sort of).
They begain to march toward the other side of the carpet I follwed them with my eyes, (side note: im kinda lucid now, like i could form sentences, and carry a conversation).

The war of the dogs was on.....
I saw to sides march toward each other, they stoped and i heard some noises like a trumpit but really muffled. The begain to attack each other... It was amazing, it was so real, very detailed. I could track each one in the fight.

I dont remember much more then that other then they started to get bigger and talk to me about panties, im not to sure about that.

I quess i passed out right there on the carpet. When i awoke, my face and jaw where sore from smiling all night at the dogs.

One funny thing : when i went to go take a piss i looked at my self in the mirror, i had brownies and mushrooms all over my teeth.
That must of been funny as hell to chad and his brother. hehe

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