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Walt Disney World

Me and my friends decided to take a trip to walt disney world in orlando.

Me and my friends decided to take a trip to walt disney world in orlando. By the 4th day of our trip we started to get board so we smoked a blunt. I said to my friend mike "where did u get this stuff" and he told me he got it from vinny g. I said "Vinny G? Doesnt he only sell shrooms?" and mike said "yeah, shrooms and weed with shrooms in it" I was like "shrooms? what!." By now we were already finished the blunt so there was no turning back. I strickly never do hallucinagens. Im sorry but i cant handle it. at the time anyway lol. so the affects start to kick in and we decide to go to epcot. (as you can imagine, this was going to be a really really crazy trip)we walk around for a while gazing at the ball with the epcot sign on it and seeing all sorts of things when suddenly, my friend jen has this wonderful idea to go on one of the rides. I didnt want to, I was scared but my friends dragged me onto this disney tour ride thing where you got on these little carts and rode through a tunnel looking at disney characters. When i got on i was amazed with the beauty of all the colors and disney characters. they seemed to talk to me and they were so lifelike like i could just pet all the animals in my mind. We got off the ride and i looked into the park behind us and i thought i saw mickey mouse and minnie mouse. about an hour later i was out of my mind. i looked into the woods behind us and saw all sorts of things. my friends seemed fine though. i thought i was losing myself. However i completely lost it when i saw mickey mouse and minnie mouse fucking in the woods. Oh my god. i was shocked at first but then i started laughing uncontrolably. then mike said to me "whats up?" I told him to look in the woods and he looked at me and started laughing. We all ran into a park and laughed until we couldnt laugh anymore. we walked back to our hotel, laughed some more, and passed. Definately a good trip. i think ill keep shrooming!

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