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Walking on Sounds

Let me start off by saying that home-grown mushrooms tend to be much stronger than those bought from street dealers.

Let me start off by saying that home-grown mushrooms tend to be much stronger than those bought from street dealers. Keep that in mind when you trip.

I took about 2 grams of small mushrooms and aborts, and then decided to slam the dose up a bit with 3 grams of Syrian Rue.

Within about 20 minutes, I felt a nice body buzz, and then the trip took off from there.

The body rush was incredible - orgasmic, euphoric, indescribable by the time I hit the peak. Like crossing a bunch of nitrous with a strong nicotine, marijuana, and opiate high, but stronger yet.

The visuals became progressively stronger, until the letters on my monitor began to get up and move, rearranging themselves into different words. When I closed my eyes, I experienced my body morphing into other objects, and even in complete darkness, saw bright kaleidoscope-style patterns. Objects began to morph heavily, and wall and floor patterns flowed and interacted in unbelievable ways.

The peak was overpowering, and lasted for what seemed to be an infinite number of eternities. I became very uncomfortable, and finally dragged myself up and into the bathroom. After managing a piss, I did something really stupid - I grabbed some cigarettes, went outside, and ended up in the middle of a party with people talking to me. I was, of course, totally disoriented, and in no shape to speak to anyone. I don't know if my speech was slurred or what, but people kept giving me weird looks and saying "What?" In any case, be forewarned that avoiding interaction is preferable if possible.

All in all, an extremely intense trip, lasting upwards of 8 hours (because of the Syrian Rue). The synesthesia (seeing and becoming sounds) was incredible, but overpowering. While I still look back on it as a positive experience, it was very difficult to deal with while it was still going, and I had to remind myself that I would come down and not be stuck in that state forever.

Another moral of the story: be careful with quantities until you know what you're dealing with. Even a small dose can produce a very powerful experience that can turn bad if you're not prepared.

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