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Wait and Bleed

So it's around 7:00 p.

So it's around 7:00 p.m. on a saturday night and this town is fucking bunk. No parties, absolutley nothing going on. My buddy is out of town and I basically have absolutley fuck all to do all night, because my parents also went out of town for a few days to Vegas. I decide that to pass the night I would go buy some weed. My plan was origanlly to buy a half O. So I drive down to my dealers house and he asks me If I want to buy some shrooms. I figure what the fuck, I might as well. ( This was my first time trippin )
He dissapears out of the room for a while and comes back with a big ass bag full of these light, light blue mushrooms. I think he said that the bag had about a half pound. Anyway, so I figure, okay I'll buy a 1/4 of shrooms and an 1/8 of bud. Since this my first time buying shrooms I wasn't sure how much a 1/4 was.( Quantity not price )
He charges $50 for a 1/4. He reaches in and pulls out a few handfuls and stuffs them in a bag. Then he disappears off into another again for about 5 minutes. He returns with a big bag of weed and picks me out about an 1/8.
( It looked a hell of a lot fatter then an eight though.)
I pay him $90 for the weed and shrooms and I'm on my way. Before I leave though, he tells me he was just about to light one up. I sit back down and we pass a monster blunt back and fourth for about 10 minutes. He tells me that this weed he got was from his personal grower friend. He tells me that this is Dutch Snow Bud, he says his buddie got the seeds from Dutch Passion in Amsterdam. This weed was potent as fuck cause when we were finished smoking, I was fucking baked out of my skull. He says the shrooms were grown personally by him. Cool. So I finally leave and get outside into my car. I'm pulling out of the parking lot when I realize that I got the munchies like a muthafucka. ( I also hadn't had dinner yet )
So I drive down town to McDonald's and pick up a double Quarter Pounder meal. I get back home and figure what the fuck I might as well put some of these mushrooms on my burger, because I had heard shrooms taste like shit from my buddies. I put about half of my 1/4 on the burger and munch it all down. After I was done eating, I found my bong and packed about 3 bowls while watching the Simpsons.
I sit around watching TV and waiting for the shrooms to kick in, when the phone rings. It's my parents, we talk for about 5 minutes and then I put down the phone. The exact second I put down the phone I started feeling really funny. My stomach got kind of nautious and I felt a little light headed. I had heard that sometimes people get nausiated by shrooms, so I wasn't worried. I then decided to put on some music. I put on one of my rap mix's. After the first song I really start to feel connected to the music and I feel like I can clearly see and hear everything that the music is saying. ( The Song I was listening to was In the Late night Hour by Ice Cube. )
Suddenly I feel like I'm swooped up and get a head rush, everything then starts to look very surreal. I stare at one of my posters of Tu Pac. Suddenly he blinks! This trips me out. I quickly sit up and look around. It suddenly looks as if I'm in another dimension. The walls are purple and gooy and start to slowly run onto the flashing green carpet. This was fucking with my head. I have never expierienced anything like this before. I stand up to go to the bathroom because I suddenly have the urge to piss. My feet refuse to walk though. This sends me into an angry and fearful mood. Suddenly a very strang vibe goes through me. Almost like a wave. Very Odd. It freaks me out a little. I finally begin to regain control over my senses ( Not Really, I just think that ), and make my way to the bathroom. I get in and shut the door, I turn towards the toilet and it is throbbing and making a very strange sound. I look into the mirror and freak out because the skin on my face appears to melt down and cover my mouth ane eyes. Suddenly I hear a knock on the door. I freeze and begin to panic. I begin debating in my head whether or not I imagined it or actually heard it. Then another knock. I slowly make my way out the bathroom and towards the front door. I answer it and find two old ladies, holding pamphlets or some fuckin thing. I scream out that I want nothing and slam the door into both thier faces. I bolt back into the living room and jump onto the couch face down. I poke my head into the cushions and I can see another world. It looks like a cave with a never ending tunnel running through the middle. I rasie my head back out and try to calm myself down, but the more I attempt to think about the situation the more I seem to get lost in my own head. Some strange things pop into my head for absolutley no reason. I feel lost and scared and I have no idea what to do. I turn on the TV and surf trough the channels. Everything on TV looks very fucked up. I finally find Much Music. This video was the most fucking trippy thing I've ever seen. There was this turtle with an old man head on it saying some creepy shit. There was also some ghosts and shit swaying back and fourth. After the video is over I look at the time. It's 11:45.
I feel kind of tired so I go into my room. I decide to kick back and smoke some bud. I throw nugs in my buster and grind the shit up. It takes me about 10 minutes to successfully roll a fat j, but eventually I do it. It felt like my fingers melted through the zig zags as I tried to roll. I turn on some slipknot and kick back. I spark my lighter to light up the doobie in my mouth, but the flame seems to put e into a trance of some sort. I finally light up at 12:20 and smoke down the joint. My favorite song to listen to by Slipknot is Wait and Bleed and the shrooms made the song seem even better. I eventually daze off an have a few trippy dreams. I awake the next morning feeling like a million bucks. I feel completely refreshed and at peace with everything. I am glad that ordeal is finally over. I get up and find rolling papers everywhere on my bed along with a little bit of weed. I get high again and listen to more music. Over all this was an okay expierience it showed my what life would be like If I was a fucking loony.

Peace Out and Happy Smokin

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