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Well, I have been interested in shrooming since my friends were talking about it awhile ago.

Well, I have been interested in shrooming since my friends were talking about it awhile ago. So I started reading up on everything, dangers, dosage, etc. My friend, also interested, had arranged to get an 1/8th this weekend. So Friday comes along and theres going to be a get together at my friend's house. We drive up to the city, pick up our 1/8th, and head to my friends house. Not knowing what an 1/8th of shrooms looks like, I figured that we wouldn't get too messed up because we are splitting it. We split the bag and we are reluctant to eat them because there will be only two of us shrooming, a good amount of sober people, and a few others smoking. Finally, we are persuaded to eat at around 9:30. I estimated at around 10:15 we'd start feeling the effects. The first half hour, I was very calm, not feeling anything. Pretty happy, just talking to people. At around 10:10, nothing is going on, so we go take a bong hit. Feeling a little better after the first hit, I took another and WHAM!!!!!!!!!!! I instantly started feeling something. I just stood there and talked to people, for a few mins, and at around 10:15, I closed my eyes and started seeing rainbow grids. So I ran across the room to talk to my friend who was also shrooming to tell him. He said "WHOAAAA" because he saw me running after him and it freaked him out. My cheeks felt like they were being punched by a small child. I continued seeing the rainbow grids.

I was told, becareful, this isnt the right environment. I dismissed it because I was sure my friends wouldnt screw with my head. I was wrong. I sat down and everyone was getting in my face waving their arms trying to get me to see trails. This freaked me out. Now this is the weirdest part. At one part, I felt like I pissed my pants. So I looked down, and saw NO piss stains on my pants. It felt like I was taking an hour long piss that was trinkling down my leg and every 3 seconds I'd stand up, look down at my crotch, and scream "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?" and all the sober and high people were laughing at me. It Really felt like I was pissing myself. I tried to dismiss it and went and took a couple leaks JUST to make sure. I sat down in my recliner and just stared and I felt like I was becoming a part of the recliner. Things started to look diamondy/mosaic. And I started freaking out again. So I stood up and went in the other room to calm down. But when I walked, It felt like I had left my body behind me and it was trying to catch up. An experienced shroomer took me into another room to try to calm me down, and we just talked. I asked him what time it was and it was 10:53. Only 40 mins had passed since I took the bong hits, and it felt literally like 4 hours. I was amazed. I wanted to get out of the party because I didnt feel like people fucking with me. So My friend drove me home, and I kept hearing funny voices.

Overall, It was a crazy experience and I will definitely try it again, but in a better environment. I screwed up and its a learning experience ya know? thanks for reading

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