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Violent Enducing Salvia

I had bought about 2 grams of 21x Salvia exract and asked my friend if he wanted to try it.

I had bought about 2 grams of 21x Salvia exract and asked my friend if he wanted to try it. Ive done salvia before and he hadnt so he was curious about it. My friend was driving (later we would realize driving on this shit is too much) and we had decided to smoke this and go for a hike. So he parked his car by the street and before we went for our hike we were going to smoke it first. So i packed a half a bowl in my bong and ripped. Instantly, i felt the effects from the salvia. Right away i felt myself leave my body and i thought i was the fucking chair in the car. I started screaming, "I'm tripping out of my fucking mind!" for like a minute straight that's all i kept saying. Passing the bong over to my friend was too hard. I thought that i had one arm that was connected to the door and another arm that was connected to the seat, and the rest was me being a chair. I passed him the bong and at the same time i was saying stuff like, "WTF am i doing? None of this shit makes any sense. I'm going out of my mind." Finally my friend had the bong and i started packing him a bowl, which was very difficult. Right when he took his hit, i knew he started tripping. He began morphing into the car; he would later tell me that he thought he WAS the car. We sat in the car for awhile till we realized that we came here to go for a hike. My friend immediately began to get out of his car but suddenly for some reason we both began laughing hysterically. I started laughing so hard that i began to drool all over myself. My friend seeing this began to drool himself. He was outside of the car and was stumbling all over himself drooling at the same time. I told him to get his ass back inside the car because of the other cars driving past us. He got in and began to get angry. He had taken his hit but started saying shit like, "It's my hit! Why did you put the bong away! Give me the fucking bong!" I started tripping because of this since i knew there was nothing left in the bong and i thought he knew this too, so i just started to ignore him and he started to get even more angry. I told him that we should get out and start hiking like we planned too, so we got out. We had walked about 10 feet when my friend just exploded for unknown reasons. He began cussing at me sayin shit like he's going to kill me but i was like, whatever man. He started heading back to his car, planning on leaving me there so i walked back to his car too. He then said, "You get inside my fucking car, I'm going to break your fucking neck!" I said, "Whatever man, just take me home and I'll be out of your face." I knew this fool was just tripping so i didnt care. We got inside his car and he began to drive. At the same time, i would look at my bong on the floor of the car and wonder what i was supposed to do with it. I would pick it up and it didn't make any sense. I didn't know how to put it away and was just confused. 10 seconds had gone by and my friend started to pull over to the side. I thought he was going to tell me to get out but all he said was, "Hey man i didn't even mean to trip on you like that. I'm sorry man I'm fucking tripping, i'm tripping hard." Then he jumped out of the car, left it running in the middle of a busy street, and took off running the opposite way. All i was thinking was, "WTF just happened?!" I looked behind me to see if i could see my friend and i saw him with his arms crossed, with the look on his face like a deer caught in the headlights of a truck. This fool was tripping hard and he couldn't handle it. I got out of the car and approached him and asked him if he was alrite. He said he was tripping too hard and that he wanted it to end. I asked him if he could still drive and he said no and asked me if i was straight to drive. I was tripping hard too, but from the looks of my friend, i figured it would be safer if i drove then him, so i did. I asked him if he wanted to just go to my house to chill for awhile till he felt better and he said yea. I started driving, started off kinda bad, and headed for my house. By the time we got to my house, we both were back to reality and could easily function. The whole trip lasted for only 10-15 minutes but was one of the most intense feelings i've felt; i thought i was a fucking chair and i hated that feeling of being some object. That experience left my friend traumatized and he vowed never to try salvia again, and so far he hasn't even after my constant generosity of offering it to him.

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