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Vibration Dimension

I purchased 6 grams of psilocybe cubensis from an aquentance for my girlfriend Megan, and I.

I purchased 6 grams of psilocybe cubensis from an aquentance for my girlfriend Megan, and I. Her parents were going out of town and she was in charge of the house, and she had to watch her grandmother. We decided that when gramma went to sleep we would brew some tea, peppermint with psychadelia.

I slurped my tea down in minutes and urged Megan to do the same but she was a little more relaxed when drinking her mug. I immediatly began to feel a bit strange within 15 minutes of ingestion, and i knew it was time for me to lay down, because it was coming on stronger and faster than i remembered, and it was a bit frightening.

So, megan put on Alice Deejay and i was grounded, laying on the bed unable to move... the anticipation was begining to be unbearable, i was laying on the outside edge of the bed with Megan in the middle and her sister at the other end... her sister was begining to make me doubt that shrooming here was a good idea because she kept talking and pissing megan off, and all i could hear was megan and i telling her to shut up in a hundred echoes... not the way to start a trip this intense I began to think...

the next thing i know im not able to discern anything but the music, so intense... it hadnt been 30 minutes from the time i ate my mushies and i was already feeling like the peak point of my hardest acid trip. inside my eyelids was an amazing show of spirals and gossamer, so beautiful that i became suddenly aware of my stomache hurting... i would fight the vomit for now, and try to ride this alien pleasure as long as i could before i popped.

Time began to stretch on forever as i threw up in the bathroom, i managed to wash my face and my mouth before i layed down and fell into the spider world once more.

I honestly dont know how long i layed there before i decided that one of my favorite things to do, was immerse myself in water, such a pure cleansing process ithought, as i walked to the shower. On the way i became aware that i had stepped into another dimension, a dimension where vibration and cobwebs ruled the ether of movement. everywhere i looked i was connected to everything around me, the space inbetween everything was no longer just empty air, but was now alive with currents of sound and color, space had no meaning whatsoever, and the idea of being aware of distance wasnt a law in this dimension as i warbled to the master bath area.

I striped and began to run the water checking for tempature. The liquid sprayed out in what seemed to be every direction, and before i knew it i was sitting in this giant contraption of pure pleasure. The water now seemed to me to be bouncing off of every surface, ricocheting like superheated particles all through my area. This dimension of sheer chaos was nothing more than an Aliens shower.

I had been inside a space ship all along i thought! i turned of my chaos device and realised where i was as i heard megan laughing hysterically at her sister. i dont remmeber getting dressed or much of the transistional parts of the rest of the night, but it was all pure Antics :) we did end up outside several times, looking at the stars and having witty Trip talk and basically making way to much noise for our own good. The rest is very fragmented in my Brain until the end of the trip, so here it is in no particular order:

Over the Course of the evening Megan and I adopted British accents and travelled the house with an amazing potato and his all seeing eyes.

The stars outside shimmered in a strange radial way that was even harder to look at than to describe. The universe was to amazing to behold in certain moments...

We smoked bowl after bowl in the beckyard under the sky and imagined ourselves as Hobbits and Elves.

Megan began to enter a paranoia stage where she was convinced that someone had entered the house and was waiting for us to go to sleep to kill and rob us. we had to check most of the rooms to make sure nobody had managed to come in through the backdoor after hearing all our noise. sheesh!

Well the night ended with us taking quite a few bumps of K while watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. It was her first time, and it was incredable to watch her react to it all. I grew even closer to Megan that night than i thought was possible. The love making was amazing.....

Happy endings are seldom, so i treasure this one personally :)

Tod Casil

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