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Very long

It's true when people say every trip is different.

It's true when people say every trip is different. The first time i experienced a mushroom trip there were intense visual hallucinations, such as looking into a mirror and appearing to morph into another being. The second time i tripped, it was extremely different - giggles, happiness etc. However the most recent, and possibly the last time i do mushrooms was unlike anything i have ever experienced.
I ate my mushrooms fresh, swallowed with a sip of orange juice to try and disguise the taste - I still ended up gagging. I lit up a cigarette and waited for the effects to kick in. After about 20 minutes i felt a slight sense of euphoria, but this was possibly just expectation, similar to when you drink some alcohol and are waiting for the drunken feelings to begin. Roughly 10 minutes after this, I began to giggle. I was tripping with one friend this time, and we couldn't stop laughing at each other. The most ridiculous things seemed amusing - certain words that normally pass unnoticed in the English language were hilarious, the syllables sounding so funny when combined.
After a while of this extremely happy, light-headedness I left my friend in the kitchen and went to lie down in front of some brightly coloured music videos, hoping to enhance my trip. As soon as i sat down on the sofa, it felt like i sank into it. I lied down but suddenly became very restless, I kept squirming around, trying to get into a comfortable position.
I began to feel nauseous and the next part of my trip is somewhat of a blur. I told my friend i was just going to the bathroom and ran upstairs, noticing that the walls were appearing to pulse - the floral wallpaper writhing around trying to free itself. I collapsed in the bathroom, staring down the toilet. The water appeared to swirl around the bowl, like mini tidal waves. This part of my trip is indescribable. I tell people about it and they say something along the lines of: "wow! That sounds amazing!" and all i can reply to that is: "you have to be joking."
What followed was the worst hour of my life. Moving was hard, i tried to comfort myself by rocking back and forth. I wanted someone to comfort me, but i also wanted to be alone. I wanted the door shut, yet I wanted it open. Every small decision I had to make seemed like a life changing debate with myself. I was completely overwhelmed by everything – my senses going into overdrive. The noise of the washing machine on the floor below me sounded like an earthquake, my ever-quickening breathing sounding like roars in my ears. The floor was moving beneath me, the walls appearing to close in - sucking me deeper into my trip. I lost all sense of time and felt like 10 minutes was 10 hours. I felt like i was about to die, with intense white lights flashing in front of my eyes every time i shut them. At this point i had completely forgotten i was on any form of drug. I wrote some form of will, which upon reading after my trip, i realised made no sense and for the most part was completely illegible. I experienced extreme paranoia and breathlessness, the bathroom no longer was the bathroom. The walls were swirling, the pattern of my cord trousers moving around like worms. I touched my face at one point and felt like i was touching a foreign object, i was high above myself, wanting to come down while my body was just sat in the bathroom, head down the toilet, rocking silently.
After about an hour of this extreme discomfort, my friend came bounding upstairs (exclaiming that “stairs are really fun!”) to see if i was ok. I think this brought me somewhat back to reality; the rest of the trip was a lot less intense than the first hour. The usual rippling surfaces and hearing music through different ears. We sat drawing patterns on paper, and writing about what we were feeling. It seemed like the beginning of my trip had been false, like there was no way this experience could be bad in any way. I still find it hard to remember what exactly was so bad about the first part of my trip.
After about 5 hours i fell asleep, awaking in the morning surrounded by sketchy drawings on paper and about five half eaten chocolate bars.
The first part of this trip has really convinced me not to try any harder drugs, which I think is a good thing that’s come out of this. I can’t really say if I will ever try magic mushrooms again, it is a possibility that I will, but I am definitely put off any drugs for a while due to my experience.

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